$1.99 - Yes, I Said $1.99

Got some margarita glasses, wine glasses and lavender plates. Now there is three people I can say I am finished shopping for!

Good grief! I got the Classic Coffee & Tea Polka Dot Tea Cups & Saucers set for $1.99! Awhile back I bought the dessert plates, and prior to that I bought the tea set, so my collection is complete! Wooooooooot!

I scored the cups and saucers, the tea set, some wine glasses, and a paring knife. I’ve been eying the polka dotted stuff for ages. Even if they all end up sucking, I can’t really complain for $13 including shipping.

Ya know, Woot, when ya blow out gifts at a buck ninety-nine, ya shouldn’t let people buy 10 of the frickin’ things…

I wish I would have seen this sale earlier. now I’ll only be able to make a couple hundred flipping this stuff.

I missed the polka dot sets! :frowning: Please post more, Woot!

I think the plan was to blow through this old inventory so I wouldn’t hold my breath for more.

@ROGETRAY - yes good days those were… but I also remember why no one had to change their signs when they went to the over .99 price of 1.00… Cuz the prices were like .299 - just like today, no one wanted to put whole numbers up there - .299 just looks cheaper than .30 - so they charged you a tenth of a cent less for a gallon. A tenth of a cent… how much gas would that be today? Wouldn’t even get some cars out of the station!

Good luck to those that purchased the champagne flutes… Mine arrived broken during the last sale and my tickets to support are still going unanswered. :frowning:

Wow…I just noticed that a bunch of stuff sold out before I even saw the sale…hadn’t realized they had 10 or 20 limits on some of them. Too bad, I know someone who would have loved the purple…looks like she’s getting a pop tart maker instead…cause I managed to snag one of those.

Sorry for the delayed response. Make sure you check your spam folders for a response as they’re evil.

I’ll ping CS from this end as well.

Fantastic deal on the Excalibur Innovation WA-100 water alarm (set of 2) for $1.99. I ordered 3 sets…will be good for gifts to friends if I can’t use them all.

Checked with CS. They have your emails. It can take a couple days for them to answer. They’'ll answer your email in the order it was received. They’re a bit buried right now due to the holiday and woot-off.

damn i’m way to late to this party. i would’ve bought all those modern vintage glasses… oh well.

We need another $1.99 - Yes, I Said $1.99!

Rats. I missed them. Rats.

I got some of the cold can machine thingies for white elephant parties. WEEEE!

Thank you! I was concerned about the lack of response. I’ve never had that problem before.

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and a weekend buried us. We’re treading water as fast as we can.