120 Stars

When I was in grade school ‘and’ was given as a logical equivalent to addition. I have never seen or heard of it being used to imply a decimal.

Abraham Lincoln I’m pretty sure wasn’t talking about 80.7 years ago during the Gettysburg address.

A video game from 1996, to boot!

Although, I did get to 120 stars myself :wink:

That was my line of reasoning, ‘one hundred twenty’ was a bit stiff in this sentence in comparison to the alternative. Since the difference in size was negligible (admittedly, that line is a bit small either way) I went with what flowed nicely.

I will ask woot to add a warning label to the front page, stating that some grammar rules were harmed in the making of this shirt.

no, 100.20 would be a hundred and twenty hundredths. 100 + 20hundredths (.20). A hundred and twenty would be correctly interpreted as 100 + 20 or 120. Come on people.

OMG! I just noticed where iwilding is from. Now I really wish I was into the reference just to buy a tee. Not that I live in Newfoundland anymore; I migrated to Ontario, but still… born and raised there.

Best of luck with the sales today, iwilding.

Except for in most mario games you don’t need to even kill to get stars. HELL in the Mario Party games they just hand those things out for whatever reason imaginable.

Copyright/Meh shirt.

Timely…ok not so much

I don’t believe this is true, and would like to see some evidence to support this.

I’ve found evidence on his site that he pays royalties for his polka medleys (which are polka adaptations of pop songs, and usually only one track on each album), but no mention of his parodies being subject to royalties he’d need to pay.

And just to bring things back on topic: nice shirt! I’ve recommended it to several coworkers here at the video game making place I work, some of whose desks are veritable shrines to Mario.

Except in the game this is referencing, Mario64, to get the 120 stars you have to kill enemies such as Big Boo or the King Bomb-omb to get some of the stars. Then there are the 100 coin stars which usually require you to kill enemies to get their coins.

Once upon a time in the 90s, my friend and I set out to beat Mario 64.

We got 119 stars, and then could not figure out what one was missing! 100 coins, red coins, secret stars.

We picked up a guide and replayed many stars, to no avail. We never found out what was missing.

About 2 years ago we borrowed an N64 and set out to accomplish that which we’d failed before. I’m not sure we got more than 70 before we lost interest and the console had to be returned. There may have been drinking involved which made certain parts much more difficult (100 coins in tick tock clock, the slides) although others were much more entertaining.

I twitched a little bit when I saw this design.

How to find out:

  1. Turn on Mario64
  2. Press start to bring up main menu
  3. Click the green score button
  4. Select file
    There are 7 stars per world (including the 100-coin star) and 15 secret stars.
    5a) If you are missing a world star, enter that world and you will see which you are missing.
    5b) If you are missing a secret star, replay all of them until you find which you are missing. (There might be an easier way, but I don’t recall it off the top of my head)

Super Mario Galaxy has 120 stars too, so it doesn’t have to be a Mario64 reference.

Also, is there not a rule about writing out numbers after a certain amount. I.E. “1” would be “one”, but “One Hundred Twenty” would be “120”. No?

You actually need to get 121 stars…

This shirt is a fail!!!

"You actually need to get 121 stars…

This shirt is a fail!!!"

No… it’s definitely 120. I played through it all this past summer…

I think they’re referring to the fact that after you get 120, you beat Bowser and collect a final star (that doesn’t show up in your totals).

Al has mentioned when Coolio complained about “Amish Paradise” that Coolio had no issues cashing the checks, so yes he does pay the artists. Of course he (usually) reuses their exact music.

There’s a great deal on mario galaxy over at deals.woot!

Since this is a parody of a movie poster, I had to keep the text size as close as possible to the original. Which is to say, there’s no way to use ‘120’ to fill up the entire line without it being awkwardly huge.

EDIT: 120 stars is a general 3D Mario games reference, not just Super Mario Galaxy. If I were to reference SMG specifically it wouldn’t be 121 stars, it would be 242!

I’d like to see evidence of this. Do you have a link? Gangster’s Paradise is actually based on a Stevie Wonder song called Pasttime Paradise, which further clouds the water. Just curious.
Sorry to be off topic, but there’s a lot of misinformation out there about parody, free speech, IP, and fair use.