2013 Blackbird Arriviste Napa Rosé (4)

2013 Blackbird Vineyards Arriviste Napa Valley Rosé 4-Pack
2013 Blackbird Vineyards Arriviste Rosé, Napa Valley

Is this a rose of Winter?

Aww man, on my cell phone screen these looked like little bottles of hot sauce until I clicked the link. Way to get my hopes up! :wink:


I’m a fan of Blackbird wines, particularly the Arise bottling, never had the rose.

Aaron Pott is the winemaker here, one of the shining stars in Napa imho.

In for two no matter the reviews, anxious to try this.

For those who like reviews a few more on this wine:

This was probably aimed at your thanksgiving table.

That’s where a few of mine are going, but I’m thinking into next summer no problem.

Anyone in Chi-town up for a split?

Sent you pm.

Actually, this was an attempt at some very early morning humor.

I’m Eric from Blackbird. Thanksgiving for sure, but the Arriviste is a fuller bodied style of rosé that begs for year round drinking. It has enough structure to stand up to serious food. Thank you for commenting!

Eric from Blackbird here. Thanks for the kind words about our illustrious winemaker. Aaron made wine in St Emilion for several years. He was named winemaker at Chateau Troplong Mondot at the precocious age of 27 and was the only American winemaker in Bordeaux at the time. In St Emilion there is a law that provides a liter of wine to the vineyard workers for every day in the field. Aaron says the gypsy vineyard workers would show up in the afternoon looking for the evening’s supply, always more people in line than could possibly have been amongst the vines that day, and they would fill up their jugs with the previous year’s rosé. That’s the inspiration for this wine.

Eric -

What is the residual sugar in this wine?

Fermented dry, so no perceptible RS.

To be more specific, 2.9 g/L. All wines have some sugar left over after fermentation that the yeast could not digest. 2.9 g/L is below the threshold most humans can taste in a water solution. So, this is very much a dry wine.

Were the components fermented separately and blended later or fermented together? I know red blends are typically created but not rose blends.

Thanks for chiming in Eric. Very glad to have Blackbird with us. a great brand and a snappy good deal. enjoy.

I was going to buy but then figured out that my Woot coupon expired! Dang!

With their entry level red going for $50/bottle, this seems like a very good deal. I’m in for a set.