8 Zone Intelligent WiFi Sprinkler Controller

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8 Zone Intelligent WiFi Sprinkler Controller
Price: $99.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Excellent Reviews over at The Home Depot

Got one last fall. I love it. So much easier than regular (non-connected) one that was installed before.

Super easy to use and adjust timing. Remarkably simple to water a zone for a specified amount of time.

Get it. You’ll be happy you did.

I bought one a couple months ago. It’s awesome. Like it so much better than my Toro that I had. It’s great to be working in the yard and be able to turn on/off zones when needed – such as when putting in drip irrigation on the deck, or about to cut the grass. Not to mention it monitors the weather and won’t run if rain is predicted.

This is the GEN 1. Gen 2 looks like it has more “manual” buttons for a quick run or if you can’t find your phone LOL.

The Rachio is amazing! I got the 8 zone version a few months ago and love it. My parents were so impressed, they purchased one for their soon-to-be-built home.

The app shows you when the next watering cycle is, how much water you saved by NOT watering when you don’t need to, upcoming forecasts, manual overrides, etc. It’s very easy to use and quite intuitive. You can even add pictures of the zones so they appear in the app.

The number of parameters you set for each zone is astounding: Things like soil type, slope, plant type, sprinkler type (customizable!), etc. It uses this information to create a custom watering cycle for your lawn. You can tweak it from there if you want.

Of note, although you don’t need one, it does support rain sensors. Just put them across the two R1/R2 connections, not R1->Ground or R2->Ground.

I just bought a house that has one and have spent a couple of weeks trying to get “blinked up” to even be able to control the system.

I really wanted to have the experience these wooters are having, but unfortunately, I have already started looking at a competitor with supplemental on-board controls instead.

If you have not called Rachio support, do so. They are super responsive and helped me solve (my dumbness) problems quickly and nicely. And they answer on about the second ring.

I’m assuming this works with all brands of electric valves? (Hunter in my case).

Ok, question for you that have this. Have you ever logged into it using a PC? It’s got a IP address so like most network connected devices, if you went to your browser and typed in the IP, do you get an interface that lets you make adjustments like you can on your phone? This of course applies to PC’s within your home network or in the same IP scope.

EDIT: I know you can access the website and review data but can you access the device itself via IP address w/o the phone?

That would be something, as I’ve had an irrigation system for 15 years and have no clue how to program the thing…painful every season.

I just installed the newer Gen 2 Rachio and have Hunter valves. It took a total of 20 minutes to remove my existing digital timer, install the new Rachio, link to my wifi and program my zones.

I would suggest looking at the Gen 2 version as it has many more features than the Gen 1.


Does it have a master valve/pump relay?

Got one last year. It is great. Favorite thing is that it monitors weather via the internet and will skip watering sessions if it has rained. Also adjusts based on how hot it is, sun conditions, etc. Is a good purchase.

No. Rachio controllers use the web service as the programming interface. The same goes for the app. Internet access is required.

This is one of the biggest issues that people have had with the Gen 1 controllers. The “blink up” process has been removed in Gen 2. If you contact Rachio support they should be able to help get you all set up.

Every time this comes up, I highly recommend it. I love mine I bought last year here on woot.

REMEMBER: Many water districts give rebates for this controller. With the rebate, it might end up free.

Don’t worry that this is a Gen 1 version. It will do 100% of what 99% of you want from a controller and a lot of things that you didn’t know you wanted until you get this.

Thank you, I think I will. Rather remarkable that I was looking at that very item(V2) just last night, and here is V1 today.

I’m actually having four zones added to my irrigation this month, I can’t program three zones in an hour, the thought of programming seven was giving me pause.

For people in the Denver area that have Denver Water they offer a $100 rebate on the purchase of a Water Sense Smart Water Sprinkler Controller which this is. Making this $4 after shipping.

Pretty sure places in CA or other states offer rebates as well. Check with your water supplier.