Acu-Rite Wireless Digital Cooking and Barbeque Thermometer

[Froogle]( Wireless Digital Cooking and Barbeque Thermometer)

OK… some of them do go outdoors, but only to grill.

Got one of these a few woot-off’s back and it works great. Never had any issues and the remote is amazing for not being tied to the stove to check temp.

Have one. Love it.


I bought a similar one(minus the pager) for like $25 at a local store because I was getting annoyed while cooking and having to open up the oven or grill to check the temp… this one has more functions too…

Mine arrived with a very faint display. Looks like a bulb is out or something. Haven’t even been able to use it.

this thing is great…and you CAN use it for candy if you’re carefull and can rig something to hold the probe.

My oven does not have a thermometer port. Can I close the oven door on the probe wire for this thermometer without damaging it? not refreshing automatically for me for some reason. It’s jacked.

Got one when they offered it w/ the bendable skewers. Works well!

These either work or they screw up after a few uses…

Here are some Amazon reviews:

Its wireless, you can return to the indoors

I love mine so much, it was best purchase of the last year. It allows me to set the alarm for a temp about 3 degrees lower than my desired temp and let carryover do the rest of the work for me. Now that I don’t have to guess based on time when my meat is done it has been cooked perfectly every time.

Hmmmm…? Should I buy this …OR…A case of Beer?

got one! glad to see all the great things ya’ll are saying.

I picked this up when it was offered with the wire skewers and I love it. The thermometer and remote work great.

I got this at the last woot-off and it works well. I’ve used it a couple of times and it seems accurate, and I feel very cool carrying the pager around. It saved one expensive roast from being overcooked.

they love it or hate it over at amazon:

five 5-star reviews
one 4-star reviews
five 1-star reviews

$21.00+$4.79 = $25.79

Got one of these a few months ago, then forgot about it until after the warranty expired. Had to throw it out because the LCDs were completely f—ed. If you get one, test it immediately.