Aduro 6,000mAh Dual USB Solar Backup Battery

Aduro 6,000mAh Dual USB Solar Backup Battery

what if the sun just… ends…

Wow 6000 MEGA amp hours is a lot. Probably should change that M to lowercase (mili)

Ah, TY. Done.

Anyone own one? What are the sun only charging times?

Can’t believe people just buy this stuff without ANY SPECIFICS as to how power is transferred. Is it micro USB? USB-C? Silly. Won’t buy.

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It has two USB (A) ports. You supply your own cable to charge your device.

Bought one of these way back. Had it in box and eventually took it camping. Did not work whatsoever. Threw it in trash. Was far too late to return for refund. Mayhap mine was defective, but wouldn’t chance it. Don’t waste your money.

We picked up two of these when they were offered last year, one of them did not work and the other had a seriously bulging battery (and did not work). At a minimum you get an item that disappoints, at worse you get something that could potentially cause a fire.
Don’t know why Woot! is offering these again after their poor showing last year, when they say first sucker to buy one under the sales stats they are serious in this case.

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Bought one last time Woot had these years ago. Clever idea but didn’t charge with the sun. Figured mine was defective. Sent it to Aduro under warranty but they said they never rec’d it.

You BYOC. Like MOST require. If you want to pay the over 60% markup on goal zero, you MIGHT get a cable.

But as for defective units, these things (not just this brand) are a dime a dozen. I’ve got a couple. One turned out to be just ok but it takes a couple days in all day sun to go from zero to 100. But it will charge under any light, just not so fast. I keep it in my Jeep, on the dash to keep it topped off and after a year, it hasn’t melted and still has a full charge. I did use it a couple times just to “test it” and it still works. Be non-solar power pack I’ve owned is one by RAVPower. They make some pretty decent reliable products along with a good warranty. So if you want a bigger power bank take a look at the mother ship.

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Mine doesn’t seem to charge at all

Hello. If you don’t figure it and want to return it, reach out to Woot! Customer Service.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

And the A needs to be capitalized. Units named for people (like the volt and ampere) are capitalized when abbreviated. So it is mAh.

Bought one years ago. I would just leave it on the window sill to fully charge. Used it to charge my dead phone. Only charged it to 50%. Takes FOREVER to recharge sitting in the window sill.