Aduro 6000mAh Solar Powered Battery

Aduro 6000mAh Solar Powered Battery

Pretty terrible reviews. It’ll charge with solar one time and then panels never work again.
Might as well buy a regular battery pack.


These are too small to work.

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These can be useful when you don’t have easy access to power, but the solar panel will only give you about 50% charge, and you can’t use it to power your device while it’s charging.
You have to plug the pack in to get a full 100% charge.

Bought this now regret it, it is just a power bank that charged my phone 1 time. Left it all day in sun in my car window and it did not charge at all. I would not recommend it.

Bought this before, doesnt really work well

This claims a $79.00 value and it is not worth $10.00. Made in China and the instruction sheet is about the size of a postage stamp. I had to use a jewelers loop in order to read the small print. Not worth the money.

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The list price is the MSRP, which is significantly different than what consumers think it should be.

Wow! Thanks Steveb944 you summed it up.

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I see in the manufacutere web site " Our policy is to honor product warranties and/or perform services only on products purchased from an authorized Aduro seller Are you guys an Authorized Aduro seller or is there really no lifetime warranty?

We are an authorized retailer. :slight_smile:

Brand new just arrived and they won’t charge anything, the light won’t stay on if it will turn on. And I am burying the lead here, the battery is bulging which is an indication of a defective product.

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I took it camping with a full charge, used it to charge my phone from about 75% and it had 3 lights left. I left it in the sun ALL DAY. When I went to use it that night it was down to one light and gave almost no charge. So leaving it in the sun drained the battery. Useless at best.

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Total piece of crap. Ordered two. One wasn’t charged, put it in the sun and the battery expanded and split the case open (ummm…shouldn’t something “solar” be able to stand the sun??) The other was “fully charged” (5 blue bars) but only 1/2 charged an iPhone and 1/4 charged an iPad Mini before dying. Returning them - Woot was good about it.

I started this account for the sole purpose of warning other users about this item.

I bought this off of Amazon and it worked ONE time. One. Time.

That is all.

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Woot looks like a dumping ground for crap and cat t shirts. Who is vetting your products???

Be nice. They’ve been through a lot lately

Total junk! never worked at all, Got full refund without question and told to trash the one I got!

Mine did the same bulging thing.

I want to warn other customers not to buy it. It’s nearly impossible to charge as the charger cable barely fits into the product socket so I spend ten minutes trying to find a way to keep the cable from popping out