AeroGarden Ultra LED with Seed Pod Kit


AeroGarden Ultra LED with Seed Pod Kit


THIS is the Aerogarden model that’s actually worth it. It has the extension light cover so you aren’t limited to 8-12" of hight above the plants. That was always a pain for me with my Aerogardens when my basil explode in height and burn against the florescent bulbs.


I agree I used to have to detach and hang the hood…


Thankfully this is a long sale. I eventually broke down and bought one.

The key advantage is it’s a full 7 pod Aerogarden that can handle virtually anything you can throw at it. It can even handle tomato plants.

I’ll be using it mostly for Basil. Pesto city. I hope my old old seed packs still work. :slight_smile:

Forwarded this sale to my friends on Facebook. Its a great deal and a good idea for parents looking to try to get their kids interested in hydroponics/botany and/or culinary ideas. Fresh herbs are almost always MUCH better than dried.


so pretty, so high tech, so exciting! you set it up and plant the seeds, and your little sprouts appear. then they rot and die, and Miracle Gro will not honor the warranty, but they will also ridicule you for buying it in the first place. Yuck.


Yeah I got one too. It’s nice. Clear improvements from the original I had.


A fellow time-management-challenged gardening nut told me she uses one of these (with the add-on kit and some tweaking of the nutrients) to start seeds she didn’t get around to in the fall.
Hardening off and the rest of the transplant process won’t be any less of a PITA than usual, but it seems worth the shot. Green thumbs crossed…