Aerogrow AeroGarden Harvest 360, Black

Aerogrow AeroGarden Harvest 360, Black

All the caterpillars got to my outdoor veggies; this would’ve been stellar.

I waited five years to buy one, thinking they were overpriced. Now I have five of them, growing herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, greens. Slowly giving up my outdoor garden, except for the root veg and larger plants. They are worth the money! Wish I’d not waited so long.


I really wanted this one a few years back but didn’t get it due to the price, so I purchased the smaller one (3 pods) to see how it would do first. The herbs did really well. I had less luck with tomato and flower pods. I’m thinking maybe the bigger unit will do better with the larger plants, and now that this has been marked down so much I went ahead and purchased it. I might even get the 3 pod unit back out of storage and start some stuff in it as well. Autumn is on it’s way but I still want fresh veggies!

I’m ready for Woot! to get some Bounty & Farm models. I love my Aerogardens!

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How big are the tomato plants? Around here you can see the bugs sitting with knife and fork like a cartoon waiting for tomatoes to grow… I’ve never successfully grown a tomato enough to eat myself.

I think you can grow 2 tomato plants in one of these 6-pod models. I bought one of these the last time and the basils grow so fast/much they block the light for the other herbs. From what I read tomatoes, chillies, etc., need even more room than that. (So I’m waiting for a 9-pod model for my next one.)


I purchased 3 of these on February 25, 2020 at $64.95 each. They were the same model, only in a white color. I guess that explains the price increase?

I gave one to my wife and one to my mother. They love them. I kept one to gift in the future, perhaps to my mother-in-law.

These are nicer than you think. You must occasionally add water and fertilize bi-weekly. There are impossible-to-ignore flashing alerts when those duties become necessary. Water circulation is automatic, as is the 15-hour timer for the very bright LED grow lamp assembly. This model does not have WiFi or a smartphone app, which I think is actually an advantage.

I’d snag one of these quickly. They may sell out before midnight.

I bought one of these in August and lettuce pods from amazon to grow in it. The lettuce grew wonderfully. But now, only a little over a month later, the LED grow lights have stopped working. The light to add water stays lit and no longer blinks for me to add water, which I checked and it needs. So I sent a message to Aerogarden on their website since it has a 1 year warranty and am waiting to hear back. But I’m wondering if any Aerogarden owners on here have had similar issues or have any suggestions to fix this. I’m afraid my lettuce will die, even though I moved the unit from a dark place to near a window.

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