Airthereal MA10K-PRO Ozone Generator

Airthereal MA10K-PRO Ozone Generator

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Is this unit new or refurbished?

Under the price there’s a spot for “Condition”.

I’ve got this and it works great. We’ve used it to freshen our home and cars of course. It works much better than deodorizers or odor-masking sprays. We’ve also started bringing it with us to AirBnB condos to treat the space if previous guests cheated on the non-smoking policy (or really liked boiled cabbage). Just do a little ozone homework and follow the instructions to prevent any issues.


Got this on a woot last year for $82 - works great to remove odors from cars, musty basement, etc.

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I bought one. Works very well removing musty smell from garage and the “old car smell” in my classic cars.

I also like using these… You just have to know how to use them… As long as your away let them do the job… Think of it as… If I’m away… Let the ozone machine play… If I’m home… Leave the ozone machine alone.

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Isn’t ozone, O2, destructive to plastics?


Well yes, but ozone is highly reactive and has a short half-life, even in a closed space. That’s sort of the point: ozone will readily react with all the stinky aromatics and organics hanging around, and then concentrations will drop along the half-life curve until it’s at undetectable levels. Used episodically and IAW the manual, your stuff should be fine.

I have this exact unit and we use it regularly in our cabin. I’ve got it set to “hold” and plugged into a smart outlet so I can set it on a schedule and/or on demand while we are away. Nice to not have the place smell musty after being closed up for a couple weeks(+) between visits.

I’m sure it depends on the cause but… how long does it generally keep the odor away from until you start thinking about getting it out and using it again…?

Thank you

We don’t have a set schedule. I probably should set a reminder to run it after I change the house air filter or something. We run it after minor kitchen accidents with burnt food, and after I make a few guilty pleasure dishes that are not universally loved. A single treatment eliminates the odors completely. And we used to use it a day or two before houseguests arrive, back when houseguests were a thing.

I use it a couple of times a year in the cars, it’s especially useful after a multi-day trip that includes a lot of fast food.

As I’ve shared before, we’ve started bringing it with on AirBnB trips. We zap the odors while we’re out doing the tourist or family stuff. A single use is usually sufficient.

Very satisfied with our purchase.

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