All Shall Obey

Wait, is that the hypnotic amphibian that isn’t a frog? Yes, I shall obey.

Thank you, sir. Enough info to Google for enlightenment. Kind of glad it’s not looking at me ; )

This shirt brought to you by… the SPACE POPE!!!

what a hypnotic eye from a toad :smiley:


I obey. I shall drink more Slurm and exterminate more owls.

Hail the toad!

Is this supposed to mean something?
I totally don’t get it… anyone care to explain.

see lonelypond’s post above for link to futurama wiki about the HYPNOTOAD.

For the people who don’t get it.
It’s a reference to Futurama.

I obey

this is the avatar I use on the web forum I own…

all glory to The Hypnotoad.

That’s a gorgeous toad!! But I could do without the slogan, so will pass. Now if they ever print one with just the toad. . . .

A Futurama themed shirt? The shirt.woot community is stepping out of its usual Dr. Who box a li- ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD.


Why did I buy three of these? I didn’t know I wanted three, but then I suddenly wanted 3. All glory to Hypnotoad!

I love semi obscure Futurama references!

Slurm. Not sure if Slurg is a reference to another show, but Futurama viewers prefer Slurm.