Aluminum sign is not aluminum

This wasn’t aluminum, btw.
It’s like two layers of plastic with black foam in between.

You got me again, woot. Well played.

Well poop. Sorry about that. You know the drill.

Are you sure it’s not dibond?

DIBOND is comprised of two pre-painted sheets of .012” aluminum bonded to a solid polyethylene core in a continuous extrusion process. Manufactured by 3A Composites GmbH.

Maybe… So basically it’s aluminum foil?

Edit: yeah that looks like the stuff. Not what I think of when I see “aluminum sign”. I’ll shut up now.

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YAY! Thanks @modi123

I was curious that we hadn’t seen any other complaints and we’ve sold them a few times now.

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As the sign says, Move along :smile:


There was one other person that at least suspected it to be plastic.

Someone else was nice enough to post a picture of theirs which clearly shows the one they received was in fact aluminum so you may check if yours matches the picture they posted.

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Mine was 100% not solid aluminum or dibond. It wasn’t even aluminum at all. Nor contain any/much metal when testing it. It didn’t conduct electricity even when scratching it a bit, sulfuric acid did nothing to it, and was non magnetic. My guess was paint with a reflective vinyl stuck to the top. With a black plastic core, which I suspect is ABS or HDPE.

We ended up using shooting it a few times and hanging in garage. Few bucks spent for an afternoon of fun.

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