Amazon Echo Show - First Generation - Black or White

Amazon Echo Show - First Generation - Black or White

I have 2 of these. One is great. The other one has a problem with the screen flickering a lot. No fix for that and too late to send in for repair. Saw quite a few other reports of the screen issue as well. Sound quality is nice.

Same screen flickering problem for me as well.

I have one of these. Had it for 2 years. Works perfectly. No complaints. No flickering. This is a great deal. Paid a lot more. Have the larger show now in my kitchen, the show 5 for an alarm clock. These are quality products. Amazon has done a great job with this innovative line.

$50 is probably about the right price for this used 1st gen unit, given the design and deficiencies of its display, although $40 might be more Woot-like since the (admittedly smaller) Show 5 was selling new for $50 on Prime day and currently $65 at mother Amazon.

FYI, when we had an issue with a “used” Amazon Echo device bought from Woot!, Customer Service was very responsive. Current Woot! Customer Service is much improved over several years ago.

But don’t let this Show sit in the box after it arrives - immediately put it into service to ferret out any issues early on.

I got one of these last month from Woot and it came in a box looking like new . It was covered in self sticking low adhesive clear plastic that pealed right off no problem. It is going to be a Christmas present so like someone else advised I fired it up to make sure it works and all seems fine, no flickering screen like some complained of. Originally I was going to buy the ‘‘new’’ one Woot had offered a week or two earlier but I put it off too long and missed out on it. Yes I would buy this again.

I have one of the white ones. It works much better than a fire tablet in “Show Mode”. Worth it.

I bought one of these through Woot back in June of this year. Came in perfect-condition NEW retail packaging that had never been opened.

It started out fine, but within a day the device became un-responsive after being powered on for a few hours. I’d power it down, restart it and it would again become unresponsive. I followed through the basic troubleshooting and wound up returning it for full credit. (I have two 1st gen Echos, a dot and a spot that have never had a problem, so my expectation were pretty high.)

Replaced the failed Show with a Show 5 on Prime day. The Show 5 has been perfect.

So, yes, if you get one of these test it, and don’t just test it for an hour. See if it can stay on for a day and remain responsive.

If I buy one for me and my elderly Mom, will she need an Amazon prime account for us to be able to video chat?

I think you can use your account on both. Not 100% sure but you should be able to

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I really want this, but I am convinced Woot is just reselling each wave of returns as they come in. I was offered 10 bucks to keep my defective Show (bought @ Woot for 50 bucks) but I returned it. Someone at Woot is going to plug it in, do a factory reset, and call it good. But whoever buys mine will have problems in a week or so.

I find that hard to believe…so Woot , what do you have to say in response ?

These are straight from Amazon so not open box returns. They’re tested by Amazon technicians as noted in the sale:

These units have been tested and verified internally by Amazon to meet the specified product condition, but may have cosmetic blemishes. The units may be repackaged and sold in a brown box.

Any returns to Woot that are tested as good would be sold via our open box sales.