Amazon Fire HD 8" (2016) 16GB Tablet

Seems pretty cheap. Can these do pretty much whatever an iPad can do? Can they do anything else? I already have an iPad and iPhone. Any good reason why I might want one of these?

I had a kindle 7 back when they first came out at $49. It was slow but a nice basic tablet. I’m considering picking this up for the price. Great for netflix/prime and shopping. Games. Not much for other apps. For this price I’m in for one. maybe 2.

I’ve got Amazon Prime/Video/Kindle E-books and Amazon Audible. (always on my phone or PC) This is a nice grab for a Fire, bigger than my phone, smaller than my laptop… so I can keep my phone doing phone things and have a bigger reader for my kindle books. Win/Win for the price (and I can hotspot my phone unlimited… WIN)

These are excellent tablets for kids, at the same price as those RCA cheap pieces of junk they sell at Walmart every Black Friday. Got my daughter one last Christmas, mainly for Minecraft and Roblox…worked like a dream. Unfortunately, she lost it somewhere mid-June and we never got it back. At this price I’m in for one so we can try again, too bad Santa will get all the credit for this one…

Since these are refurbished I want to know What version of FireOS they are being shipped with. Anyone know?

I think it is after version you are unable to downgrade the device which is required to root the device.

Why doesn’t this ship to Canada :frowning:

Believe it or not, but not everyone cares about rooting their Fire. And yes, will auto update.

I’ve gone a little nuts over Fires, getting bigger or smaller ones as they come out on Woot.

The big HDX is a joy to use, making me so happy I got rid of my old iPad2. There are plenty of apps on Amazon for the average user, so no need to modify or otherwise screw up your tablet.

If you get an OTG adapter, you can plug in a card reader or USB stick for storage. I move music or movies to a stick that I do not need on the tablet.

As there are some good word processors, a Bluetooth or wired keyboard can be used. I have a small folding one, but my full sized Logitech BT one is my favorite.

There are also decent audio recording apps,but a better mic need to be used for best results.

The models with microSD (especially the $19.95 7" one Woot had) are great as music players if you don’t mind the size.

And, of course, you can read books! PRIME members get monthly freebies as well.

Every Fire I bought came direct from AMZ and looked brand-new. Battery power was fine, etc.

Having previously owned some off-brand Android tablets, I can attest that these are way more bang for your buck…unless you are an “enthusiast” who is itching to convert your tablet into something it isn’t.

Thanks for mentioning Minecraft. I won’t let my daughter take her iPad to after school care anymore, so this might be worth it, just for that.

I just bought the current (2017) version of this tablet during Amazon’s Black Friday event. I really like the tablet, it’s a nice size. Big enough to see/read easily, but small enough to easily handle.

I was able to install the Google Play store on it in a matter of minutes and everything I’ve downloaded from Google has worked well. You don’t need to “root” the tablet to install Google Play.

It can vary from device to device.

But some do so let’s play nice. :slight_smile:

Yep, these are great devices for kids to use for Minecraft and other games, graphic novels, etc. We have five Fire tablets (various sizes and ages) in our house now - if either kid has a few friends over, they can throw an impromptu Minecraft party and be happily occupied for a couple hours. You could even do a Minecraft birthday party with these tablets, as cheap as the refurbs are getting. We also have headrest holders for our kids’ Fire tablets - an SD card full of MP4-encoded movies and a pair of headphones gets them through plenty of long road trips. And if they break or get lost? Who cares, as cheap as it is to replace them.

One minor warning - when you’re looking for cases, make sure you include which year/generation in your search. The headphone jack and volume buttons are reversed between this and the 2017 version - so most cases aren’t cross-compatible. But there are still plenty available for this model.

For adults, they are great out-of-the-box if you’re a Prime customer. I’ve almost completely stopped using non-Fire tablets. I read tons of graphic novels on my HD 8 before it died (completely my fault), and now alternate between an HDX 8.9 and an HD 6 as my daily-use devices. Great for reading, all kinds of video (Prime, Netflix, Hulu, PS Vue, WatchESPN, etc). Prime music, web browsing, 8-bit emulation with a BT controller, etc. I know Google Play is easy to install, but still haven’t felt a need to do so.

It’s far from “pretty much whatever an iPad can do,” but I don’t think there is a living human being who uses an iPad for everything an iPad can do. For email, Facebook, Web browsing, the most popular games, streaming audio/video, and reading books – these last two are key to Amazon’s business model – it’s got you covered.

I believe there are ways to sideload Android apps without rooting, but whether or not they run is hit or miss.

Just trying to not scare away average buyers who might think not being able to “root” a device is a big negative.

Exactly this, bcollette hit the nail on the head. ROOT NOT REQUIRED. Installed Google Play on my 2017 HD 8 and Lithium reader and it works great for my ebook/epub library. Screen (same on 2017/16) is an ‘upgrade’ from my old Samsung Tab 3. At this price for what most people use it for, its a steal.

It is, for some of us.

Personally, I have no interest in being locked into the Amazon environment. I need to know that I can get the Play store installed, as well as side-load apps. I’ve got a good bit invested in Play store apps, as well as numerous games via Humble Bundle. If I can’t access either from this tablet, it will not meet my needs and would be a waste of money for me to buy.

I bought two of these here last month. I love mine. Have been using it daily for web browsing, Facebook, games, Netflix, email, etc. I can carry it with me from room to room, use in my car (without internet), at work, etc, without carrying something heavier. Takes pictures, plays music. At this price, it’s a great value. I may buy a few for my high school classroom…

I’ve had one of these since they first came out. It works very well as an email tablet, kindle reader, and other not too exotic apps. Just grabbed another one.