ARTISTE Wireless TV Headphones w/ Charging Dock

ARTISTE Wireless TV Headphones w/ Charging Dock

Do these include a charging cord and cords to plug into the tv?

The 4th picture is pretty bad. It mentions a 1-2 year replacement (warranty). The left side mentions using the same chip (bluetooth module) while the right side suggests it’s better to use different chips.

Wonder how to actually contact the company for the optical adapter. Says you can get one for free and I only have an optical port available.

Hi there. The photos were pulled from the amazon listing. We’ll delete the ones about the warranty and optical adapter. These are warrantied by Woot. Can’t guarantee other offerings will be honored by the manufacturer.

Hi there. We’ve updated in the box:

In the Box:

  • (1) ARTISTE Wireless TV Headphones
  • (1) Transmitter
  • (1) RCA-3.5MM
  • (1) Rechargeable battery pair
  • (1) Power Adapter

I placed my order with the information you listed, I see your “in the box” list and I also see the “contact” comment to get the “free optical adapter.” I researched Artiste and there is no way to contact then and get a free adapter. I will give the unit a try but Woot needs to do a better job of checking what they list to be sure it has everything the the ad says it has.

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Hi there. Completely understand. We have a 30 day return policy so feel free to contact Woot customer service is you’re unhappy.

Here’s our return policy:

So, the unit itself has only RCA phono inputs, either mono or stereo. The cable that is supplied adapts these to a standard stereo mini headphone jack, right?

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I bought this because it offered both RCA and mono/steep cables why I bought 2 for my aging parents who both have heard aids if this doesn’t support stero over a single cable I’d like my money back

Pic #7 indicated both RCA and micro would be supported. If that’s not the case cancel my order and refund me for not being honest. The last Sony version I bought for my folks lacked a stero over the standard mic Jack and failed them!!! Be accurate that’s all I ask this was gonna be an early Xmas present!