Logitech Bluetooth Headphone for MP3



Hope you all had a nice Fathers Day…now GET BACK TO WORK!

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will these work with my rio, or are they only for ipods?


are these any good?


Wow not OEM these have a 2 year warranty. IF I ever felt like I got my arse handed to me by woot, I feel that way now.

Buy this one for the warranty and then you have 2 adapters for different items.


So is this any good. Will this work with a laptop that has bluetooth?


these look strangely like the ones they had for the Ipod, that everyone started saying were being recalled. are they?


Is this the same thing as those white ones a few days ago? Somebody said they are on recall and break above the ear piece…is that true?



Will this work with my Sahyo 8 track player?
I don’t want to stop listening to my BeeGees Tapes…


Wasn’t this in white a few days ago!? :tongue:


$30 is a bit much for wireless Lawrence Welk mp3s. Funny copy, though.

Good night.


Now if I can only find a compatibility list…


It’s Deja Vu All over again…no thanks…Hate behind the head style headphones…


shouldn’t only be limited to MP3 players, probably could use this on a CD Player as well… but not wooting tonight for this


Got the iPod version a few Woot’s back and was very pleasantly surprised. Great for listening as I move around without making everyone else listen too.



that was for an Ipod, this is for an MP3 player…


How good are these?


i wooted this last week for $25, and they were white. They’re scheduled to arrive on wednesday.

woot! $5 over all youse.


can this be used with my pc?


will these work with a PSP?