Asus 13.3" Core i7 Zenbook w/ 256GB SSD

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**Item: **Asus 13.3" Core i7 Zenbook w/ 256GB SSD
Price: $829.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Ouch! who had to dust these bad boys off? 2nd gen CPU’s? 4th gen just made it out, your a little behind here.

lol and I was wondering if it had a touch screen. I’m going with nadda!

btw, this is just a dual core i7. most 3rd gen i5’s are just as good. Don’t let that fool you just because its an i7.

I have this exact laptop and love it. Once you ditch the bundled software, the thing is seriously fast, has great battery life, excellent speakers, and is still one of the best looking laptops ever made. On the downside, the display’s viewing angle isn’t that great, and the keyboard takes some getting used to. It’s pricey, but this is still a fantastic laptop.

Is the keyboard backlit?

Groupon has refurbed zenbook touchs for 779. Here is the link

I’d recommend people take a look at the TOSHIBA Satellite S55-A5276 instead. It has a 4th gen i7, instead of the 2nd gen here, 6GB of ram instead of 4GB here, an NVIDIA gpu, instead of Intel’s integrated one, 1080 resolution, and its $50 cheaper.

I’m sure some will appreciate the pointer, but note that it is also larger, heavier, and “1366x768”.

The keyboard is not backlit. This is the first-gen Zenbook. The newer Zenbooks (Zenbook Prime) with black keys are backlit. The link that hellboy999 posted from groupon is backlit, I think its a pretty good deal if you dont’ mind refurb. New Zenbook Infinity expected in Q3 or Q4.

Two year old discontinued model. Lots of complaints on Amazon about the keyboard, the trackpad, and poor customer service from ASUS. Tiny screen, not much RAM, not much storage, no optical drive, no provision for upgrades or even to change the battery. And only $830! No thanks.

I’ve got a similar Zenbook (13.3" 1080p, i5, 128gb ssd) So I can just speak from that experience.

The form factor is absolutely sexy. The trackpad isn’t as bad as it is/was made out to be, and I really like the action on the keyboard. You might be concerned about fat-fingering the power button above the backspace key, but that hasn’t been an issue for me at all.

I’m kind of bummed because I paid $1k for that machine a few months ago and here comes along this one with a speedier cpu and 2x the ssd storage. Oh well!

for that kinda cash i expect it to include an external optical drive, and have a much better screen res. at least its not standard 1366x768.

  • hey, it’s Windows 7!

  • large 6840 mAh battery, should produce long life even with an i7 CPU.

  • don’t understand laptop makers using these crappy 0.3 megapixel cameras in premium priced models. Makes for a poor Skype experience on the other end.

Win 7 is a good thing but, $830 for this? Nah…

@gme814, apples to oranges comparison.

If you’re looking for a 13.3 inch laptop you don’t want a 15.6 inch laptop and visa versa.

And that Toshiba @ 1368x768 resolution is a double step down from this Woot since the pixel count is lower and the screen size is bigger, spreading those precious pixels out too far.

BTW, also no SSD in that Toshiba. ($50 old 5400 rpm hard drive vs $200 SSD in this Woot.)

@fernando65, lack of an external DVD drive is trivial. Decent external DVD drives are cheap @ $30-40.

1920x1080 would be nice, but 1600x900 resolution is not bad on a 13.3 inch display.