Asus 13.3" Full HD Core i5 Zenbook Touch

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Asus 13.3" Full HD Core i5 Zenbook Touch
Price: $699.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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2/20/2014 - $699.99 - 27 comment(s)
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Why would you build this and put 4GB of RAM in it!? WHY!?

Reviews from Best Buy

Good price. 1080p, Gorilla glass on display and on the top. Great for everyday use and even some gaming.

I’m holding out for a sale of the faster i7 version with dedicated graphics. Here’s another review:

Not a great price - recently bought a similar Asus for my son - double the memory, bigger hard drive (750), same processor and touch screen - bought brand new for $50 more. C’mon Woot you can do better than this!

*Dual-Core, four-way processing *

What does this mean?

If I really want in-depth information and testing on the UX302LA, or any notebook for that matter, I go to my notebook “bible” NOTEBOOKCHECK.NET to find it. This particular review is for the UX302LA-C4003H but it covers the UX302LA’s core features common to this Ultrabook. Specific options such as amount of memory, etc. differ from the model being offered, however the display, CPU, etc. are discussed in more detail than you’ll find most anywhere else. The Asus Zenbook has always been one of the top Ultrabooks and has an excellent reputation. If you really want to learn more about this UX302LA, check out this review. In the world of, 85% is a GOOD score.

What’s even worse is that on the spec page Woot claims it can be upgraded. No home user is getting this case open to upgrade the RAM. They don’t have a shot of the bottom, but believe me, there’s no easy open cover to access the RAM slots.

I own this one … Excellent ultrabook. Beautiful display, long battery life and will accept a full charge in less than an hour. I love the backlit keyboard and key feedback. You can not buy a sexier feature packed and upgradeable ultrabook at this price point. The only thing I do not dig is the position of the power key as I periodically hit it in lieu of the delete. Not really a big deal. I highly recommend this Zenbook.

I assume they mean that the CPU has hyperthreading.

Click Here for a link to Intel explaining a little more about hyperthreading.

Accessing RAM on an Ultrabook, in general, is “not easy” and your right, this one is no exception. For ‘several’ images of the bottom of this model and specific information regarding RAM access, see the review in my earlier post.

However, in my experience, Asus’ designs for their non-ultrabook models are generally very well thought out and executed. Access to both the RAM and the drive bays on my current Asus ROG G750 laptop is very easy and well implemented.

Great little laptop. But too rich for my blood…

Previously bought this NEW at bestbuy for $499. This is way overpriced.

I would love to see this at Best Buy for $499. Unlikely. Please buy me 20 of them if you see that deal again. More likely, it was a different model with inferior specs.

I bought this for my wife last month here on tech.woot, and we have been mostly pleased. It is exactly what we want in an ultrabook: durable, light, impressively slim form factor, very quick start up time, and plenty of storage on the conventional hard drive. 4GB of RAM, coupled with the SSD, which runs the OS, makes this thing zing. It starts from zero to working in about 9 seconds.

The only thing wrong with ours is that the metal case around the keyboard area is not quite flat, but it is a purely esthetic defect.

I would buy this again, and at this price.

You may be confusing this with the older model. This is the model released last Fall with 4th gen Haswell, the Gorilla glass on the top cover and the display.

FWIW - Best Buy has this NEW for $569. However, it’s the older model Q301LA. The specs almost mirror one another.{adtype}:{network}&s_kwcid=PTC!pla!{keyword}!{matchtype}!{adwords_producttargetid}!{network}!{ifmobile:M}!{creative}&kpid=1737388&k_clickid=68106c81-0e3c-ed48-abf5-00005bc1940f

They keyboard backlights flash on the middle brightness settings, so it only works fully bright, or with no light.

There is screen bleeding on the computer which is evident every time you boot the machine and during loading screens.

I’ve had this machine freeze way too many times on me.

The touchscreen will sometimes practically stop responding (you can count this as a freeze but it ends up executing actions VERY slowly). I noted that sometimes clicking and using the trackpad -might- fix this.

The trackpad is awful for actually using, particularly the clicking functions.

The brightness on the laptop screen doesn’t go that high (which is understandable in mildly thin form factor), BUT the first four brightness settings are exactly the same. I kept toggling through them while staring at the screen. Nope, all the same.

Other than that, it certainly looks cool, but the unimpressive specs leave something to be desired. They could have put in a slightly faster processor like they did in Surface 2 Pro’s and not compromise battery life. Granted, I didn’t buy this laptop for anything serious, because I already have a laptop that can handle games. There is also the hassle of getting everything on Windows 8 to be similar to Windows 7, although you can get most of the drivers on an actual Windows 7 boot, which I did.

The speakers aren’t that good and are pointed at the bottom/sides of the laptop. When you mess around with settings, you can get acceptable sound out of them, but I’m going to assume people aren’t buying these for their audio output. You WILL have to use different profiles for music and shows.

…and Windows 8 has horrible apps, and I am unable to sign in to Xbox live with them.

I’m not sure whose fault most of these things are, but those were the problems I encountered through a bit over a week of using the laptop. It came with all the accessories minus the box and the cleaning cloth.


Are you kidding? did you even look at the link? A vivobook is not a zenbook! That laptop has a 720P display, heavier and doesn’t have the same battery. In what aspect do you think these are the same machines?