Asus 13.3" Full HD Core i5 Zenbook Touch

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Asus 13.3" Full HD Core i5 Zenbook Touch
Price: $649.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Product Support Page for UX302LA

UX302LA Manual

CPU Benchmark

Seems like there’s some inconsistency between the write up and the listed specs. Does this have 802.11 AC wireless or just plain ole wireless N?

Good reviews (3.5 out of 5.0) over at
Check out the product page

“All 802.11ac devices will support older Wi-Fi technologies such as your 802.11n-equipped laptop or even your old 802.11g network bridge. 802.11ac can’t do magic though. For example, if you buy an 802.11ac AP you’ll still be limited to your older devices’ maximum speeds”

[Update: The title has been fixed to say 802.11ac]

This is the best looking ultra light and ultra thin notebook, but please be aware that all of those models have serious light bleed. I haven’t seen UX302LA-BHI5T08 model without light bleed. Also those models have problems with keyboard frame stretching up and almost overlapping some keys on keyboard.

I replaced 5 screens and checked out over 30 UX302LA-BHI5T08 ultrabooks in person in stores. All of them had light bleed.

I’ve had this very unit for about two weeks (bought new at BB). Though that’s too short a time for a critical evaluation, so far I have very few complaints. I guess I’m not that fussy but light bleed has not been an issue. The screen is excellent. The key board feels smooth to me without problems and I love the fact that it’s back-lit. I’m not a fan of Win8 (or 8.1 though I upgraded almost immediately) but am learning to live with it. The card slot leaves an SD card sticking 2/3rds of the way out so it is not feasible to insert one and simply leave it there as a quick back-up location.
So far I’ve been really pleased.

How about speed? What is the most processor intense thing you have run with it? I am not totally convinced I will be ok without an optical drive myself though a portable one would fit in a case with the computer I suppose. Screen resolution is good and Gorilla glass nice. Backlit keyboard good. I would rather have a larger screen myself. Would also like longer warranty.

I have an older model of the 13" Zenbook HD. Love it… for portable non-hardcore use.

Don’t expect the ultra thin notebooks to ever be as powerful as their larger counterparts (lower power CPU’s, etc). And yes, it’s noticeable vs my larger work laptop and my home desktop. I do a lot of work in Lightroom and its a big noticeable difference in power. And i5 is not an i5 is not an i5 after all. (this goes the same for any ultrabook model like these, even the macbook air’s, so don’t let one brand sway you). Otherwise, I really love traveling with my Zenbook. People always ask what it is because its so ridiculously thin. The screen is just amazing to look at (mine has the 1080p IPS screen on it). I would, however, like the newer generation though so I can actually swap the ram/ssd out like you can on the newer models.

As far as “light bleed” goes… before everyone goes nuts over that, go look in a store to see what this actually looks like. Or bring up an all black image on any current flat panel of yours (monitor, TV, laptop, etc) Most all of the laptops I’ve ever owned have all ha some sort of light bleed in their screens. Most of the time who cares. Most of your time you will be working in light screens anyway and will NEVER even know its there, with about the only time you will see this light bleed is if you are watching a movie and see it on the black bars at the top and bottom of your picture, or you’re one of those people with an all black wallpaper. So, don’t let this scare you off (unless you’re just picky over nothing).

As to the person mentioning a longer warranty… you DO realize this is refurbished, and you DO realize this is HALF the cost of a new one? Buy two if you’re worried about your half price refurbished laptop breaking… or buy it new.

Also commenting on the person worried about missing the optical drive. Once you ditch it, you will never care about it again. DO everything with thumbdrives, external hard drives, learn to make ISO files out of your disks (1-click easy with most free software), think about having your whole collection of disks you need to carry around all on one portable hard drive. It’s really nice. I think I use an optical drive maybe once or twice a year…and I fix computers for a living if that tells you anything. Movies? Get digital copies or learn to rip them (its 1-click easy as well). Anyhow… I hope that info helps, disks will be obsolete soon, most companies all sell downloadable installers now anyway, or just copy a disk to a thumbdrive or something before installing… you’re only installing it once then you don’t need the disk again. But DO get a cheap portable USB optical drive just in case, a decent DVDRW USB drive will run you under $30. You can always use it on a multitude of other things as well.

ninjabb4 speaks the truth. I bought new from BB and returned the first unit, mainly because of the keyboard issue. The keyboard deck was not flat–it crested in the middle and was almost flush with the tops of the “G” and “H” keys. I could push it back down, but it would float back up within a minute or so. I worried it would make typing uncomfortable, so I exchanged it for another unit.

The keyboard on the second unit is better–it is not perfectly flat, but one has to inspect it very carefully to notice. But the light bleed was even worse on the second one. The light bleed doesn’t bother me much, and is really only noticeable at boot-up.

I have had 2 or 3 blue screens of death in the few months I’ve owned it. It moves along snappily, but the speed/processing power won’t blow you away. But then, this is an ultrabook, not a desktop replacement.

It is nice that one of the RAM modules can be replaced… many ultrabooks solder both modules aboard so neither can be upgraded. I have not yet upgraded (still running with 4MB), but probably will.

I purchased this unit during a prior woot before Christmas and I’ve got 0 complaints. The light bleed is really trivial and does not ever interfere with anything that I’ve done on the machine. Display is great, keyboard is great, the unit also has a solid feel to it for being an ultrabook.

A previous user asked about the processor and running intensive programs. While i cannot verify how quick it is my girlfriend runs her home remodeling software on it for clients and she loves it. I’ve never heard a complaint out of her about like I do when she’s using her Dell.

tl;dr: Great ultrabook would buy again.

The one ‘dealbreaker’ for me would be the omission of the USB-to-ethernet adapter bundled with this unit from a new, retail purchase bundle.

I’ve been unable to locate any USB or Mini DP ethernet adapters on the ASUS USA website.

I was wondering if non-ASUS Mini DP to Ethernet adapters will work (much like Apple’s mini DP to Gigabit ethernet adapter), OR…

can anyone find the OEM USB ASUS ethernet adapter?


Is this the same computer?

No. Specs are different.

Thanks. Which is the better deal?

Depends on how badly you want AC wireless capability and HD screen resolution. In my mind, those two features alone make this worth the extra $75.