ASUS 23" Intel i5, 1TB Full-HD Touch AIO Desktop

After confirming that this is the same as the previous deal from a few days ago, here’s a link to my review post.

Spoiler alert: I like this PC. :slight_smile:

Mouse and Keyboard was suppose to be wireless. I didn’t receive a Keyboard at all ( guess it’s invisible). Mouse was not wireless. Return was easy though. just upset I didn’t get what I had waited for.

Yikes, sorry about that. I’m glad we got you a return, but the hassle is terrible. :frowning:

Same as above, the mouse and keyboard are not wireless, I like the PC so im hoping Woot! can do something to fix this.

Have you contacted customer service? If not, please do. They can help you get this sorted out.

I have, they are very helpful and we are working on the issue… Thanks Woot!


So if I were to order one of these (it would be for a gift), what are the chances that it would arrive without a wireless keyboard and/or mouse? Has this issue resolved, or is it just luck of the draw?

It doesn’t look like this is a widespread issue with this offer.

Great deal but I still like the new monitor

Can this run Windows 7?

Probably? You’ll have to buy a license as Windows 10 Home does not have downgrade rights. Only the Professional edition has downgrade rights. You might also have to track down drivers for the various components.

Thanks - not sure its worth the drivers adventure.

My wife wants a home information center to hang on the wall, and with this being touch screen, this may be a good option. Can the monitor stand be removed? I did not see any VESA holes to mount the monitor, are they there and I just didn’t see them?

Also, since this is touchscreen, can you put it in a “mobile” mode so that a keyboard pops up on screen for input (like on a smartphone or tablet) rather than using a mouse and keyboard?

(The link you posted is not working for me, so I apologize if your previous review may touch on some of these.)

Could this be used as a monitor as well?

Unfortunately, this is not wall mountable, and because it comes with Windows 10 Home, it wouldn’t have a mobile mode. Sorry about that!

In the Description it says memory is expandable to 32 GB but in the specs page it says memory capacity is 8GB.

Can someone clarify which is correct, whether the 8 it comes with is the limit or if it can be expanded to 32?

Based on our research, we’re going with 8GB. We’ll update the specs.

I had the same problem as others. There was no wireless mouse or keyboard. They were wired. Help!