Bag O’ Crap V


Welcome to the Bag O’ Crap V topic page for Friday, April 15th. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments here.


Bag of KITTEN?!


Thanks! Everyone needs crap :slight_smile: - DellDimension 3000 Intel P4 2.80GHz, 256MB, 80GB, CD-RW, 17" LCD, Free Printer $349!
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Allright the BOC reviews are in.

1 Cardboard Box
1 Hp Bag w/o shoulder strap
1 Standard InSight Priority Puck
1 Coolite, that the kids have already broken.
1 TravelScan.

Not Bad For Crap. Worth My wife’s $8.00


:smiley: Finally, another Bag-O-Crap! I’m in for three turds! :smiley:


Ooo, fun stuff

Aww, woot died :’(


can’t wait to see what i’m getting.




Ok… I think we are printered out… Tonight is better thankfully!

[size=18:0b0d5365f5]BOC BOC BOC!!![/size:0b0d5365f5]

Hit the confirm about 15 times… Each time an error :frowning: Hopefully I still got it in… GRRRR!! … Great Deals, coupon codes and freebies.

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count me in:)


Once Again :smiley:




Wow, I got some crap! Thanks, tax-induced insomnia!


WooHoo! I GOT CRAP! and 1st Page!


welp… I was destined to get crap. Just not from woot…


I get an error trying to order? anyone else getting that too?


Damn, I’m just getting server errors.


Another happy constipated WOOTie!

I got crap! (again!)



Worked for me. Of course, I happened to go to the order page first, so I probably beat the rush. :slight_smile:


WOO HOO!!! MY FIRST BOC!!! (times 3!) :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmmmm, any guesses on what crap might be bestowed upon us? :shock: