Bean Bag Bonanza!

Nice squishy beanbags make excellent seating - who’s picked up a Fatboy (I think we last saw them during Back to School, right?) and wants to compare them to other large beanbag chairs for us?

Hey! Weren’t these 199.99 last time?

Anyone know how these hold up with cats in the house?

I would love one of these for the back of the crossover on drive-in movie night, but $200 for a bean bag chair?

For those wanting the ‘FatBoy Experience’ on a tighter budget, amazon has a ‘Sims 3’ branded one for ~$95 shipped. Provided you don’t mind a little product placement of course…

I’m also very curious how these hold up, how comfy they are for sitting, etc.

I’ve seen these and Sumo floating around the net, but I’ve never actually tried either - and seeing as I have no living room furniture, I’m seriously considering getting one.

I’ve used these at Intel ISEF in LA two years ago and I had never seen them before, but they are insanely comfy! They had a room set up with a bunch of blue fat boys just laying around and a few other style bean bags, but these were my favorite by far! I only wish they weren’t this expensive :confused:

These things are NOISY!!! Scrushy, crushy, slishy-sloshy that will terrify your cat and notify everyone in the home you just got up. Not to mention the “dampness condition” you’ll encounter after a long session of gaming or watching movies.

If you’re going to be dropping $350+ on a piece of squishy furniture, then consider going with something that will really please you.

Check out LoveSac!(

Much more expensive, but ohhhhh so worth it in every way.

I bought a recliner for $250. Might as well find a recliner on sale and get something more comfortable.

the linked fatboy is not the buggle up

We bought 2 Fatboys last time around for our game room and our kids love them! One of the bags has even found its way downstairs into the den…it’s a favorite sitting/sleeping spot of my daughter. I am very happy with the durability of the fabric and the huge size of the bag. Great purchase!

I hate it when people use my LoveSac without asking beforehand.

I know the girl in the photo!

Just the thing for my groovy wood-paneled rumpus room!

(Hey, I was around when bean bag chairs were ‘in’ the first time.)

I can’t tell you how bad I want to trow a couple of these and a blacklight in my van.

I can’t vouch for fatboy as I’ve never tried one (and thus hope someone has tried both), but I was relatively disappointed with my Sumo. The exterior held up well, but the “beans” went flat pretty quickly… three months or so and it was fairly noticeable. I know you can buy replacements, but it was pricey to start, I expect them to stay puffed for more than a couple months of occasional use at the price point it was sold at, and a large selling point when I bought it was that it supposedly did hold up really well for a fattie like me.

It might be fine for a smaller person with occasional use, but I dunno about anything more regular than that.

It was also very, very loud.

Don’t think ill get one it’ll get chewed on in the first 2 minutes, by both my kids and my chihuahua.

Correct. It’s also not the same colour or price :wink:

Cool, thanks for the input - guess it will be between Fatboy and LoveSac for me.