Fatboy Water Repellent Bean Bag Chairs

This looks nice for gaming, but $200 for a beanbag chair? Am I missing something here?

That is one big and comfy looking chair for studying. Where do you study?

Edit: Or work?

I work, now… but either on my balcony:

Or, to stay relevant, on my beanbag chair:

Being a software engineer who (usually) gets to work from home is glorious. Also, if you are on the fence about a gigantic beanbag chair, and you have the money and (IMPORTANT: ) the room to put it, I’d go for it! These things are extremely comfortable and this Fatboy looks like it has pretty decent reviews, though there aren’t too many reviews there.

*EDIT: I don’t want to clutter up this thread, but I saw someone mention sleep, and I wanted to say that I’ve had some of the best sleep I’ve ever had on (what I think is) our Sumo brand bean bag. I had no faith until my roommate bought it and I settled down in it for the first time.

Obviously you have never heard of Lovesac. (www.lovesac.com) Those premium bean bags make this one look like a bargain.

The dimensions listed are the same as a full-sized mattress… does this thing lay flat so someone could sleep on it? Could be an interesting “guest bed” if it does.

It seems like, from the reviews, there are straps which allow you to either sit it up (in the position shown in the product images) or lay it down. The reviews on Amazon and “Straps and corner rivets to fold into a comfy chair” description on Woot seem to suggest that, too.

I’m somewhat confused on who came first sumo or fatboy. I’ve got one sumo and one Corda-Roy’s chair so I’ve never had straps. How long to the straps stay attached when an adult uses this fatboy chair?

I know I’m responding a lot, and it’s just one Amazon review, but there was one buyer who seems to address the durability of the buckles and straps on this item.

I have the dog bed version of this for the dogs. They LOVE them. The fabric is Uhhh interesting. It’s not exactly cozy but it would be nice if you drooled a lot or something.

ok they say take to the beach but the thing weights 30lbs! my buddy bought a few lovesacs for his place and after 6 hours of Modern Warefare 4 i am a firm believer in the comfort of these!

I want one for my Honda Element. With the seats out, this should fit well and make it a miniature winnebago. I could buckle it up to fit in with some backpacks in the way-back and then to sleep, slide the seats forward and put the luggage in the front seats.

My wife thinks I’m nuts.

I’m thinking it could be my portable doghouse.

Hey, as long as it doesn’t put you in the doghouse by doing it, I’d say go for it.

Looks great, and my favorite way to read since I was a girl is to sprawl out, but… $200? Are these really good beanbags?

WANT, but I’d have a hard time convicing my husband. Anyone want to donate a beanbag chair in turquoise or brown?

I wonder how many pounds of actual beans you could buy for $200? Enough to make a couch or something?

Looks like about 160lbs. 20lbs at $25/lb Should be able to do a couple of projects with that.

Anybody know how these compare with a Lovesac? I love the shredded foam in mind and I’m interested in whether these Fatboy bags use pellets or some similar type of shredded foam as a filling. Can anyone offer a direct comparison between the two?

That one negative review is probably why the product is now making its appearance on home.woot. That’s holding me back from ordering two of 'em.

Ha! If you’re going DIY, looks like you can get the covers for under $80.