Comfort Research 5-Foot King Fuf Chair

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Comfort Research 5-Foot King Fuf Chair
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Armagedon skips on over to Amazon.

dont want

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I saw this an immediately wanted to reenact A Boy and His Blob.

Well, that ends this woot off.

WOW… A bag of foam for $100

Guaranteed to retain its color for oh, about 90 days.

Is this a chair-shaped thing, or just a round poof ball?

thank you for giving us pictures of both sides of this. you made a sale with that second one.

For $100, that beanbag chair better come with a gold crown.

Time for a nap.

Does it stream Netflix? If not I don’t want it.

All beanbag chairs should stream Netflix now days.

DAMN! A hundred bucks for a beanbag? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Oscar?

This thing is huge…

“that’s what she said”

Anyone know the weight limit for the two people?

And, suggestions how two people would sit w/o falling off?

Ugh actually wouldn’t mind this, but $100? No thank you.

Shrinks to 1/6 it’s original size? Let me know when technology shrinks it to 1/8 and we have a deal.

  1. How comfortable is this for…you know, sexy time?

  2. Does it ship via smartpost?

While these are probably great for sitting around, they also make for excellent smores.