Belkin Pre-N Wireless Desktop Card


Belkin Pre-N Wireless Desktop Card
$24.99 + $5 shipping

1 Belkin F5D8000 Pre-N Wireless PC Card with PCI Adaptor



Might need a wireless upgrade/one period for the HP I bought off of Woot…So…

  1. Vista support?
  2. I believe it works on all the older networks (G, et cetera). Confirm?
  3. Worth the money? Has anyone used this?
  4. ???
  5. Profit! (Actually, loss of 30 bucks…)



Word. What does that mean anyways? Not quite N but not G either? What.


Wow, only referenced MIMO once! I’m impressed.


hmm, can that adapter be used for other pcmcia cards?


Pre-N means that it’s showing off some of the new technology in the 802.11n standard.

Has anyone used this with Linux? Any major problems?


i think n is not standard yet.


Froogle & not a bad price I would say


Google product search shows around $90…so is this actually an amazing deal or what?


Some modest google-mining has turned up this hand page from Belkin…

Read and learn.


I second this question


Paid $150 for this less than a year ago.

Only able to use WEP encryption. Speeds are average with this, and yes I am using the pre-n router from Belkin as well.


This woot is a non-starter for me. Why use a PC that heats up like crazy and eventually will burn out? Would anybody ever pop the PC card out for use in a laptop? When you consider that it is far more cost-effective to get dedicated adapters for your laptop and desktop, this item makes no durn sense. Garbage in, garbage out.


I would say yes because the card this comes with fits into the standard pcmcia slot on any laptop.


I third the question: does this adapter work with other cards?


Basically, it means that it’s a product Belkin released before the 802.11n spec was even in Draft 1.0 form. In other words, it’s old and chances are will not work nicely with Draft 1.0, Draft 2.0 (the current generation), or final 802.11n devices (whenever the final standard is ratified). And Belkin likes to stop driver development for their wireless devices once new device versions come out. Don’t expect Vista drivers for this thing.

  1. Not sure.
  2. Yes it does. You can use it on G and pre-n networks.
  3. For $25 bucks it’s a decent wireless adapter, but the software sucks butt.
  4. ???..?
  5. I’m sorry???

Thanks for the link.

As it seems, it’s not supported. However, it’s either supposed to be supported in the near future (v.10xx) or not supported…ever (v2.000).

I can’t determine which version this one is, probably because it’s late and I’m having enough second thoughts now anyway.


The Woot Stats page says it does WPA so maybe with a new driver or something it does WPA.

What does a burning up PC have to do with this woot? I would use this card in a laptop but the card adapter would be nice. I have been stuck with just a PCMCIA wireless and wanted to get a desktop online. It would be nice to have and it’s practically free here. This woot looks great.