Beyond Smart Mill & Brew Coffee Maker


[imgleft][/imgleft] Saturday, November 12, 2005


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pg.1, Ah, the good ole days…
pg.1, lordielordie offers up a product review
pgs.2&3, viper139 and waves discuss the type of filter this thing uses. Viper says “regular metal but good quality”.
pg.4, arnach shares first-hand experience and a link to product manual.…and shows what a good “first post” looks like. :wink:


Not that the golf clubs were bad, but I like tonight’s woot better.

Beyond Smart Mill & Brew Coffee Maker $49.99 + $5 shipping

Best Froogle price $59.95 + $15 Shipping

Here’s another look at it at amazon - Product description


Page UNO!!



I like this thing.

I actually bought one for my grandma and she said it was pretty cool…

then she burned herself with the coffee and almost died.

oh well.


Ahh, not for me


This is an Email that my dad sent me this morning todays Woot - I thought it was worth posting over my two line comment -

"Goodmorning XXXX,XXXX,XXXX and Lucy dog

Interesting…Woot’s item today is a coffeemaker. As one would expect, the usual witty description covers every detail. HOWEVER…I noticed a very familiar “Logo” which they did not even mention. Right on the front of the coffeemaker is the century old “W”…the once famous logo for Westinghouse! That company is no longer, but to my generation, that “W” was a symbol for top notch quality. They were the inventors of electriciy generation and transmission…and air brakes on trains, wattage meters perviously found on every house and business, electric motors used for trolleys and later commuter trains, appliances of all types, and on and on.

No doubt, some kid wrote the coffeemaker description, looked at the “W” and wondered whatever might that mean?

Moral…I don’t know! Just an old man’s thoughts of how quickly we forget the past and who got us to where we are! "


Well it’s not a Bill of Collections, but it is still a heck of a woot! But I figured it would be a set of Drivers.


Starbucks only here please


Deja woot. BOC.


this could be pretty great for the dorm room…


Is it a space ship or a coffee maker? Any idea of how good the coffee will be?


WOw i want one of these … cool thanx woot woot…


does it have a USB port??? Not for me I don’t drink coffee


stupid repeats


Not a huge fan of these, won’t be buying one.
Made the first page, though…


Where is the coupon this time? [;)]


where have i ever seen of these before? hmmm…


My first woot!



man another coffee maker, I was hoping for a 128 video card