Blockade Noise Isolating Earbuds - 2 Pack

here they are on amazon for $34.00

and here’s a review on yahoo

and one on macworld

Some alatest reviews average 88 out of 100.,74/

I really need a mic with the earbuds

These are a great pair of earbuds. Good sound quality and easy fit. They block a lot of background noise, even the woot alarm going off telling them its Midnight CST.

whats the yellow and black oval thingy in the middle?

Edit: volume control… got it Woot Info Post posts way too much at the forums

Blockade Noise Isolating Earbuds - 2 Pack [New] - $14.99 + $5 shipping shipping

2 * AO Safety 99014 Blockade Noise Isolating Earbuds

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Anyone know how much it drains the battery of iPods? Regular mp3s?

Does anyone know if you can get different color foam pieces for these?

It wont drain your battery at all, because it doesnt use your device’s battery

look at the Icemat Siberia In Ear Headset. I use them for gaming and the mic quality is good, even in a noisy environment

How do these compare to the razer m100 or iMetal 490’s I’ve already bought from woot?

The buds look like Bugles chips.

Earwigs! Night

Google Product Search Pricing Check

I think these just use physical noice-cancelling with the “triple-flange” design. There doesn’t appear to be any electronic noice cancelling with these.

that’s where the flux-capacitor is installed.

Why are there replacement tips? How cheap are these? Anyone actually own a pair? I need a new pair to take to the gym…

im deciding if these are worth having, i think the price is good but dont want to get it and just keep on using my orig ipod ones…

are they comfy and worth having? I want them mainly for the noise cancelling… Do they do a good job doing that?

anyone own these? How do they compare to more expensive noise canceling buds on the market?