Bookworm Bonanza!



Just bought the Existential Whale tote bag, my wife and I both have the shirt, so this was a no-brainer.

I would have bought another copy of the shirt if it were available though.

I really wish that when Woot offers hoodies/totes/aprons/mugs etc. that the matching t-shirts would also be available.


Sad, I like Funny Things are Everywhere, but I don’t wear tanks, and I have no need for a tote. Looks like another side-sale with nothing I’ll be buying. Meh, saving me a few bucks this week woot?


I just wish they’d have more v-neck shirts available. I can get away with v-necks at work- not regular t’s though. sigh and I REALLY like this sale too :\


Why isn’t the Witch from “Dig That Cat’s ‘Fro” white, or at least blue, instead of green? I know that’s kind of the default color for witches, but she’s an ice queen, so a frosty color would suit her better.

Also, shirt.woot, why you make me spend money? I spent a bunch of money getting perfect Christmas gifts in the side sale last week, and now I’m nearly broke as it is for this week, and I’m a bibliophile! :’(


Says they English teacher who wears tees and jeans to work every day, “Just take all my monies, woot.”


“why am I here?” asks the extra “s” in "ExistentSial.

edit: Yay! Fixed!


Really wish the tanktops were sized bigger. They run small :frowning:


Books-No Electricity Required would have been perfect as a tote. Also, for future reference, I would LOVE a Funny Things Are Everywhere coffee mug.



Really wish the cat in the hat “Funny things are everywhere” one was a shirt. I don’t know if it ever was and I missed it, but I buy all of Ramyb’s designs. Really don’t need a tote and not a fan of tank tops. Woot needs to offer these designs on everything when they do this. Or at least have tshirts of them all…


I emailed the link off to my two nieces that teach elementary school.


I swear, I glanced at one of the designs and thought it said “Cloak of Virginity”…


Why do we never see the v-necks anymore? Make more of those maybe? Please? (actually it would be really cool if you had a derby where all the designs were intended to be put on v-necks)


Has anyone ordered a tank? How is the fit?


Agreed! Also, still no more lady tanks? Come on woot, I’m dyin’ here!

Probably still getting the Seuss one. Cause it’s Seuss.

Warning, the unisex tanks seriously do run small. I wear a lady’s medium in most of everything, but get 2x for sleep shirts and such. My 2x unisez tank is loose, but just barely. Would definitely size up if you want a good fit.

Edit: nm on the Suess shirt. That cat’s face is just off to me. :confused:


You know, when woot does these sales they should do a like “buy 2, get 1 free” or 50% off or something. I like too many of them to decide :frowning: Usually when that happens I wait till the end of the week to decide and then miss the sale altogether :frowning:


I see that the Books - No Electricity Required is on Silver now, instead of Gray. Does anyone have an actual picture of a Silver shirt from woot so I can see what this color looks like in real life? I had the shirt in Gray, but unfortunately got a hole in it and am thinking of replacing it.


“Book Wyrm” reminds me of Sue Dawe’s “Priceless Treasure”:


Agreed, I really want this as a tote!!


I wish they had brought back Some BBQ. I bought one for my mom when it came out and it was accidentally bleached a few weeks ago. :frowning: