Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

Ok, I am going to make a shameless plug for these phones. I own a pair, and maybe I got an aberration from the last woot sale, but these phones are a real sleeper. I have listened to plenty of phones and these are probably the most accurate compared to my Stax SR-L700 / SRM-353X setup. I use Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms as my test. The storm sequence in the beginning of the song is an indication of the bass capability, the drum stick thwacks in the middle of the song is indicative of mid treble accuracy. On my Stax and the QC25 the thwacks sound like wooden drum sticks - on everything else it sounds metallic and unnatural. I was shocked for less than 1/10 the price, how musical and accurate these were. I bought a pair of QC35s for travel and those sounded broken compared to the QC25, even using the wired connection - I returned those. Unless I got a golden anomaly, I would run and buy a pair of these. Well worth the money.

Do these come with a carrying case? The Amazon version for $179.99 indicates it does.

Yes, it comes with a carry case.

I have a pair of these, bought brand new from the mothership. There’s a reason that they have a 13% 1-star rating.

They’re now about 4 years old. I only used the headphones on airline flights up until November 2018. In total, the headphones were probably used less than 20 days until that point. In November, I started taking the train daily, and using the headphones daily.Within 2 weeks of daily use, the right speaker stopped working. This is a well documented problem, with many users reporting it on the Bose forums:

I used the “paper fix” for a few week, and then the left speaker stopped working as well.

More research reveals that the speaker units themselves are defective- something inside the speaker stops making contact.

To me it is completely unacceptable to have a $300 pair of headphones fail this way. Bose is knowingly using defective speakers with limited life in their headphones, just long enough for the warranty to expire.

I ‘kind of’ collect headphones. (Don’t tell my wife).
These are for traveling, along with a pair of Sony noise reducing ones. They are unparalleled in noise reduction for this price. Comfortable, and quite good sound, as well, Battery lasts a long time, and there is room in the case for a 2nd one.
Not even close to being the best phones I own, for great sound accuracy, but for traveling, it’s like you have left the plane (or bus, train etc.) they are so good. Highly comfortable, and just plain a must for travel.
Yes, they are 2 generations old, but when new they were the best you could buy. The Bose 35’s took their place, and they became the standard. These still hold up very well though. I have had mine for about 4 years now, and no issues with quality.

Wow, way to throw a wet blanket over these! I have no issues after 4 years.

I’m glad that you had a better experience with yours than I did with mine.
I loved mine for a while, but when things went wrong, seeing the online threads with many others having the same issue was super disappointing.

I hope that I’m wrong, and everyone gets a good pair- but I figured I should share my experience.