Bright Living LED Garage Ceiling Lights

Bright Living LED Garage Ceiling Lights

These are Pam Anderson’s Malibu bikinis but not quite as fun.

I bought these a month ago. Not very practical because they do not fit flash unless you buy socket extenders to make it possible to screw them in place. Now I find they are offering at a cheaper price than what I paid for!

Hi there. The ones you bought were a different brand and design.

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These things are brilliant, and I mean that in both senses of the word. Bought a pair from Woot in January and installed them in my garage ceiling to replace the dim bulbs that were there, and LOVE how bright it is out there, now! Ordering two more pairs to brighten up my basement, now.

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I’m not saying that what I purchased 2 months ago is any better but for 10 bucks less you can get these from the mothership with similar specs with the extensions included and get a discrete middle light so you can angle the arms more.

I have no complaints.


Can someone explain to me why the extensions matter? I’ve seen them mentioned in two posts now.

Same thing on mothership at $24.99?

Similar? Yes
Same? No

$25 for one. This deal is $30 for two.

I bought a similar-design light about a year ago for $30 when most were selling for around $100. I never understood how anyone would pay that much and really had to convince myself to spend $30. I still don’t think they are worth that much as it is just an LED light - $20 or less is where they should be priced.

Now, I love the thing and it certainly does put out much light. The thing to consider with these is there is no reflection off the ceiling as you have with a standard bulb shape. Because of that, the light is more direct and you have more shadows below. That won’t be an issue if you have multiple lights in your space, but if this is the only source - say in a garage; you might not like the results. I have my woodworking shop in my garage so I have this fixture centrally located but then two LED shop lights between it and the wall (on either side). This results is a very bright work area with very little shadow.

I personally would recommend this style of light fixture (I know nothing about this brand) if you want bright light but have additional sources in your space. This does not put out any noticeable heat (a 100 watt bulb can get really toasty) and has the aim-able light.

These things are the best invention since pockets on a shirt. Granted, without a ladder it took some doing to install them in my garage, but a long pole and some strategically placed duct tape and cardboard plus a circus-performers balancing act and they went in easily. It’s like daylight out there now in the middle of the night.


I also bought these in January, for my garage and work room. Exponentially brighter than the incandescent and florescent fixtures they replaced. LOVE them. I’m in for two more for the attic. Am waiting for the exterior version.

Mine not only fit flush, there’s room to move the wings upward to the ceiling if I want to

These really light up my garage, don’t look directly at them, you will be seeing spots.