Callaway Bio-Kinetic Tour Golf Shoes

I hear you on that!

Order us some golf shoes, otherwise we’ll never get out of this place alive. Impossible to walk in this muck. No footing at all.

My son wants to try out for the junior high cross country team.

I my get these and surprise him with them.

What about ladies golf shoes - we play too!

More people need to have smaller feet… all the larger sizes went “poof”

What’s wrong with the women’s ones they have for sale?

terrible selection of sizes for men, 9.5 largest available??

Agggggggghhhhhhh…I finally had a chance to get back here to order a pair and go figure, they’re out…of nearly every size. Gotta love it when they sell things with a lower quantity. First thing Woot has offered in months and months that was worth a purchse too, go figure.

Its been my experiance with ANY leather quality golf shoes is you want them to feel very snug, because they will loosen up. Also when wearing them for the first time, walk 9 holes then switch back to your old shoes, repeat if necessary the next round. Blisters from any shoes will last alot longer than this short inconvenience of swapping shoes at the turn.

your welcome!

I really wanted to buy these, but I need a 10.5 Wide!

Please tell me about the f’ing golf shoes!

Golf shoes, yup you never know when you have to run an out pattern on the 10th hole.

Just got an email these were available But I can’t get my size 11s into an 8.5 (only size available) - just won’t fit.


Darn! Missed this deal…boo…hoo…guess I have to go over and visit wine.woot.

Now that this deal is dead… head over to They have a good sale on golf shoes and apparel. Not AS good as this one, but many of the shoes they are selling have wide sizes.

With these shoes, he’ll almost certainly make the team… As the official timer. These have about as much to do with cross country as a hockey puck has to do with tennis…

I was able to buy size 11. But then again, my purchase was shortly after 12 midnight Central Time, but 10am in my current time zone…

I normally wear a size 10/10.5 and seems that I won’t have a problem wearing these in size 11. Real comfy, but haven’t hit the course yet.

Just gor mine today, in a half size larger than I usually wear. The fit is perfect, but I found that these also come in solid black and solid brown (woot didn’t have choice of colors). In retrospect, I’d prefer anything but white… Great shoe at a great Price otherwise…