Callaway Bio-Kinetic Tour Golf Shoes

Does anyone know if these run tight? I wear 7.5 usually.

Yadda, yadda, yadda.

No wides, no deal.

I wear a EEE and Foot Joys are the only company that seems to make them.

“Your Choice of Size”

LIARS! I choose 15 but noooo, you only ever have Tevas in 15s. Never any of your other shoes. Woot, you have lots of clout, can’t you convince some of your shoe sources to sew together a couple of 7.5s and make some 15s every once in a while??

I was trying to find out the same. The web reviews are limited, but one source did say they were true to size.

I read one on amazon saying he exchanged his 9.5 for a 10…

Oh yeah! I’m gonna be the best looking duffer on the course. From the ankles down naturally.

What’s the return policy on ill fitting shoes?
Can they be exchanged for the right size?

Im with you! Cant believe Im saying that! But I I wear EE. . NO wide… No deal! True golf shoes are the geekiest!!!


(Edit) Answered above on returns.

Bought as these actually look good.

These look good. It’s a good price. Good warranty. Why not take a gamble with the size?

Probably safer to buy 2 pairs and return the ones that don’t fit.

Does anyone know if the spikes are replaceable? My hubby is hard on his golf shoes!

Yes, they are replaceable.

No thanks woot, I don’t play golf. But thanks for trying.

AAAAAHHHHH!!! 2.5 hours later and no 13’s! what the hheeeeeccckkk!!

frowny face!

This must be what happens when someone who designs bowling shoes is switched over to the golf shoe design department. Ugly!

I don’t see any warranty from Calloway, just a 90 day warranty from Woot.