Cavedoni Botte Piccola Italian Balsamic

Who was shouting for balsamic earlier?
$34.99 previous wooting


Cavedoni Botte Piccola Italian Balsamic
$34.99 + $5 shipping
CONDITION: Aged 7 Years
PRODUCT: 1 250ml Cavedoni Botte Piccola Italian Balsamic

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Oh Happy Day. In for 2. Would go 3 but looks like max is 2. That is ok , I am not greedy.

Ok someone has to be excited!

There, like I said - they just beat me to it.

I was for one. I ordered as soon after 1:00 as I returned to my desk.

Now to determine if I should order a second set.

Put it on vanilla ice cream and strawberries. Seriously.

This is the balsamic everyone’s been ranting and raving about. But why?

I was one of them. I even got up at 12:55 PM EST so I could be awake if it came on sale at 1 AM. If I could buy 3 was going to gift one, but 2 should last us a year (I hope).

That’s where you get your downstairs neighbor, you know the one with the other email address and credit card wink, to order the extras for you!

Because it is fantastic. It pours like syrup out of the bottle.

Before we get too into Balsamic speak, a slightly off topic question: What’s up with the no-notice FedEx deliveries? Ty Red, Atlas Peak, and Corison Kronos dropped in unannounced today. No complaints, mind you, but a heads-up is really good for those deliveries.

Because it is really excellent stuff. Not quite as good as the Tradizionale , but considering its cost is 35% of that, and it is a real winner.

For the record, this is not real balsamic vinegar, and probably not worth the jacked up price honestly.

If it doesn’t say “Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale” on the label, then it’s just vinegar added to grape juice, with added flavorings to make it taste something like real balsamic.

Something fun to do with the imitation balsamic, is to buy a huge bottle and boil it down into a syrup, which is equally fantastic on meats, fruits, and ice creme.

In for one, though I am not sure why. Lots of reactions seemed to indicate this was like a Wellington or Corison offer.

Taste is wonderful full and sweet. Thicker than the best balsamic I could find, and way different from what you can find in your grocery store.

We use if for salad dressings. Great on mozzerala (sp?) by itself with tomatoes. Or on ice cream and strawberries.

I have been waiting for this to come up for a couple of months now.

but then we don’t like wine to be syrupy (unless we’re an egomaniacal American lawyer and amateurish wine enthusiast with a daft grading system and a liking for overripe reds ;). so why woudl we want our vinegar to bey syrupy :sunglasses:

Yes. We’ve all waited long and hard for this! VINEGAR FOR ALL!!

hmm “and Cavedoni is very old indeed. In fact, the Cavedoni family established their artisanal acetaia five generations ago in 1860”

In European parts, like Italy, for example. 1860 is NOT old. A house isn’t even properly old unless it’s C17th or 18th! 1860? That’s almost within living memory for some people! (mentioning no names or initials :wink:

You new world folk will fall for any european who makes claims of age or “heritage”. I need more convincing that this isn’t the Parker Cabernet of vinegar!

Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!!! (Said in my best “When Harry met Sally” voice)

I LOVE this stuff! :slight_smile:

Try drizzling a little bit over a great parm cheese. Mmmmmmmmmmm…simply to die for.

I was just about out of my last bottle. Mr. Spuds will be a happy man–getting vinegar for Christmas!