Cobb Portable Stainless Steel Grill & Smoker

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Cobb Portable Stainless Steel Grill & Smoker
$69.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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New product, same price.

Deja Deja Vu Vu . . . .

Passed last time. Passing this time.

Interesting product… shame the price isn’t lower.

Good reviews!

Bought one a few weeks ago from woot, make sure you get the silver one. Its the premuim model and is all stainless. The other two are painted mild grade steel.

Does what is says it will do. Be careful cooking though, I over cooked the first couple of steaks I made because it doesn’t leave traditional grill marks. Go to their web site and see the accessories.

Cursed Evil HOA and Insurance Co that won’t let us burn charcoal! Curse them to flaccid smelly propane-warmed gruel and leftover fishies!

this is boring, ill wait on the home page hitting f5 and hoping its the boc next…

I am not allowed to burn charcoal either but I do it anyways with a very small grill. This thing is designed to be pretty smokeless so I have no doubt you could probably get away with it and no one would know the difference.
Cool product, but wrong price in my opinion.

Hey, at least it isn’t a state fire code like where I am (no charcoal/open flames allowed on combustible materials or within 10 feet of combustible materials if its a multi-family dwelling… unless there’s a sprinkler system installed).

Had one… could never get it to work.
either the charcoal burned hot and fast up in 20 minutes(or less) and burned the underside of my food… or the charcoal would go out.

Gave it to a neighbor… he couldn’t get it to work either.

You can use propane!? My HOA only allows electric grills, which in real terms are called stoves.

OK, as a place marker, my wootalyzer is saying this product s going to take 8 hours and 45 minutes to sell out. :confused:

Looks like we are stuck on this one for a while…

Bought one last time it came up at WOOT - no regrets. Might jump on another one.

The thing’s well made, intriguingly designed, and although we haven’t cooked with it yet (there’s plenty of testimony available at YouTube, Amazon, etc. to its results) we are really glad about the purchase.

As for the price, it’s very well discounted here. In fact, you can’t get much of an hibachi at this price. Nothing against hibachi’s, of course, but this is a bargain.

We’re planning to use it this weekend. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, we’re planning to put it in the fireplace and cook indoors …

buy them all for us to save us the trouble of sitting here

A what?

Let me tell you about this thing. When I wake up in the morning, I wake up ANGRY. Like, sling things around gorilla mad. This item has survived many angry mornings of rage grilling and smoking.

It feeds my carnivorous appetite quickly and even survives the times where I have thrown it out of my 12th story apartment window in anger because it wasn’t cooking fast enough.