Comfiest shirt, where are you?

A box of random shirts. So much mystery and excitement. The potential was contained only by a bit of tape and cardboard! When I first saw the lightweight, t-shirt-like, zip hoodie, I thought, “well, that doesn’t look that useful.” I was so wrong. That it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. The first time I wore it, I thought it was silly. Surely the material was too thin to do any good.

But the days got colder…

And so did I.

After that, the shirt became like a second flesh to me. I’d wear it when I left the house, at the store, and even just sitting around at home. I felt like I was constantly being hugged. It was perfect; not too hot and not too cold. Nothing could separate us. Our bond was too strong.

But then…

On that fateful morn, I had no idea of the terrible loss that would soon haunt me. It started out so innocently. I was at a park. Gusts of wind were perfect for kite flying. But it was warm. Too warm. How could I let that come between us? How could I be so carefree and foolish!?

I just… took it off.

Without thinking, I set it down a nearby bench. I just wanted to go out in the sun and fly a kite! The shirt would have been too warm. Sweat is uncomfortable, I didn’t want to be uncomfortable.

I walked away, and I didn’t look back until the next cool night. But then it was too late.

I searched and searched. Friends looked with me. We posted online. No one had seen it! Where could it be?

I’ll never know. And now I’m left without. I’ve tried finding a replacement, but there’s none to be found. Was it a fluke? Should it never have happened? Was it all an illusion??? Surely not! There must be SOME trace of it’s existence. What did it say all the time? Genius is 10% Inspiration 80% Mathematics

It just… it doesn’t add up…


Sorry for your loss. Maybe next time write your name and address on the tag. Have you made flyers and offered a reward?


Such a sad tale…
Did you get this box here on Woot? Maybe you can track down a replacement…?

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Maybe it has a good home with someone that needed it. Sorry for your loss though.

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Yes, I got it about a year ago. It was a sale of random shirts. I love those so I ordered several. Le sad.

Any idea what I should look for to get another? Like maybe the type of shirt or something? I’m super sad really want to replace it.

Look through your order history, and post a direct link to the item here.

Maybe someone else will have also purchased & received the same, and can give you the label/brand name to try to track down another one? It’s a long shot, but it’s something…

Unfortunately it was a “random shirt” order so there’s no information on the particular item in my order history. :frowning:

Can you describe it? The print is probably still available but the t-shirt will be a different brand.

It was a really lightweight, almost t-shirt material. Zipper hoodie. Heathered dark green.

Oh, those were our jersey hoodies. We haven’t had those for a while. They were nice.


It’s a long shot, but is there any record of the brand y’all used, so maybe she can find a place to order one (outside of Woot)?

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It was probably American Apparel but could have been the brand that we went to after that and their name is escaping me at the moment.


Y’all are awesome! Thank you! I’ll see of I can find anything!