Computer Work

I think my computer would work better if my cat didn’t sleep on it.

Yahoooooooooooo! I was hoping this one would get a Derby win! Great one, Jasneko! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Wow… triple cat weekend…! Narfcake just may fall over! lol

This is my top fav of the 3 winners. :slight_smile:

I just realized that this is printed on a Royal blue tee… that does it… even though I’ll have some explaining to do (to my collie dog) I am in for one!!! :slight_smile:

This explains why there’s so many cats on the internet. =^.^=

Congrats, Jasneko!

Now that’s a catty remark… lol :smiley:

I’m still standing! That order for three, though? I wonder whose that was …

Also, the official logo again. :slight_smile:

The order for 3 had to be from California, Illinois, Kentucky, or Louisiana. (Anybody want to 'fess up? :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

I plead the furball! Er, I mean the fifth!

Am I crazy or have there just be unbelievable numbers of “cute cat” shirts on shirt woot. Like day after day I come here and it’s all there is. There used to be (and I own) some amazing designs with great artistic skill behind them. These don’t appeal to me at all.

Yeah, it’s back. Also, we have one of these on the family payroll ; )

Did you vote? These are designs picked by Wooters aka it’s what the community wants. And it’s been that way for the past 9 years.

No doubt cats are popular; this is the Internet. As much as it’s joked about here, though, less than 10% are catshirts. Really. These are all the shirts in the shirt.woot catalog without a cat. Over 90%. Cat-free.

Is it just me or is this shirt just purring for a mouse to be on it…

Agreed. I die a little inside every time I see another cat shirt.

Where does one “vote” on these shirts by the way?
Please vote! There’s a new derby theme announced every week. Only through your votes can we decide for or against cat shirts! :slight_smile:


But seriously, folks -

Many artists here are also on social media too, so feel free to follow/like them too.

Happy this printed! I just recently returned to the derbies after not entering for a while - thanks for the support everyone!:slight_smile:

PS. This shirt is inspired by real life;)

You’re so cool jasneko! Love it as always.