Cool-Living Adirondack Chair - Your Choice

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Cool-Living Adirondack Chair - Your Choice
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6/8/2017 - $39.99 - Click To See Discussion (23 comments)

The reviews from last time these are available are horrible. I was ready to buy 3 until I read those.

…this simple and functional hardwood chair is…
Made of solid rubber wood

Edit: Oooh😳 I see👍
(Google it if you were as baffled as me):blush:

I got two of these last time they were on Woot. They are made of wood from the “rubber tree.” This is basically a very non-durable wood. Both chairs required wood glue to assemble, as they were cracked, and the pre-drilled holes for assembly were either too big, too small, or slightly mis-aligned. Once glued, repaired, and assembled, they look good next to my backyard firepit, but I’m afraid that at 210 lbs, I’m going to be too heavy for them, and I doubt they will last more than a season or two outside.

I picked up 4 of these in the last go-around, and they’re pretty bad. I didn’t have the same problem assembling them as others, but they’re cheap as hell. The paint is bubbling and chipping already, so I’ll have to sand and paint if I want them to last another year. I’ll replace them with good ones as these inevitably become unusable in a year or two. That said, $40 is pretty cheap.

Paying $40 to add something to my To-Do list? I’ll pass. I’ve got enough stuff that needs fixing, don’t need to add ‘painting the chairs’ to it…

I bought 2 of these last time around and one was damaged and required repair and the other was missing most of it’s assembly hardware. I would pass I I were anyone considering purchasing

Thanks for the feedback. I was about to pull the trigger on two.

Hey all! we’re aware that there were problems with the last batch we sold.

The manufacturer has addressed the issues and these are an all new batch. There have not been any reports from these new batches of broken, damaged, or missing parts, and the vendor has double checked the units to make sure they include all hardware.

As always, if you have any issues, Woot CS will help you.

I bought two last time, it’s the worst woot purchase I have ever made. Mold instantly showed up, the screws fell out, the glue on the arm let go… They are two months old

Like a refund or replacement?

I purchased 2 of these last time and am VERY DISAPPOINTED!! Very soft wood. Screws work themselves out easily during regular use. packaging inadequate to protect contents so I had damaged pieces and loose screws floating around inside the box.

Yes. Sometimes they offer a partial refund if you want to fix it yourself. You can always respond that you want to return it instead.

But again, the vendor has reassured us that the problems have been fixed. We pushed back hard after the last event.

Edit: Have, not haven’t

Hmmm… Freudian slip or truth? Either way, not too excited about chairs that were, apparently universally so, complete crap the first go-round.

WARNING! I bought 2 teal Adirondack chairs because they said they were made from polywood. My chairs have cracked paint and blackish mold where the paint cracked and around the screws. In order to get a refund for my chairs, I have to disassemble & mail back to Woot. That is not an easy task to do because I do not have a box large enough to mail them. I think pictures of the chairs should be sufficient to get replacements or a refund.

So problems haven’t been fixed??? CAn you be more clear? But you clearly typed problems have not been fixed!!

I bought a couple of these before they came painted. Absolute junk.
Firstly, the design is such that as the wood dries, warps, and does all the things any wood will do after being outside you will see all sorts of problems.
Look at the front legs. There’s no support between them, so they sway and buckle. Then the screws work their way out increasing the whole instability thing. And the more they sway and buckle the more the screws work loose. These are junk. Sloppy design, cheaply made and poorly packed. Even after I built them they didn’t feel solid.
Save your money and buy a quality design that you can feel is solid. They’re out there.

Sigh. These are the days that the old gal(TT) would like to quit her Woot job.