Crazy Aaron's Putty, 12 Mini Tins

Crazy Aaron's Putty, 12 Mini Tins

Hello, why is there a 6 dollar “shipping and handling” fee if I am an Amazon Prime member, and I am logged in with my Amazon Prime credentials? Also, your web site will not let me check out. Please Advise, Thanks, Bruce

I just attempted to add and check out and it was successful. Maybe try switching browsers and making sure you’re logged into prime.

I did notice that today my checkout does NOT have my updated payment methods attached to my prime account though. It is only showing my cards that expired in 2018. This is very strange considering I’ve made at least 4-5 purchases this month from Woot through Amazon and never had this issue before.

Hope the staff show up and help you soon.

I just checked on the app also and worked for me. It did take a few seconds longer to remove shipping then it normally does, so maybe wait to see if some extra time helps?

Thank you both for your comments! I used IE11 and was able to make a purchase, and Woot automatically removed the 6 dollar shipping fee after I logged in with my Amazon account, but Firefox, and Chrome did not work, I even disabled Privacy Badger, uBlock Origin, DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials, and HTTPS Everywhere add on packages to my FireFox.

This crap will never, ever come into my house again. Multiple ruined clothing items and area rugs! Do NOT leave this unattended unless properly secured in it’s tin. An errant blob or ball of this devil’s putty will quickly melt into a puddle, and slip-slide it’s way toward the nearest textile, infiltrating the fibers, assimilating whatever it touches. Resistance is futile. (Unless you just resist letting it into your home, then its all good.) Aaarrrggghhh! Keep it away! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Anyway, it’s super fun stuff to play with. Good luck to anyone who buys it. I hope whatever it ruins - and it WILL ruin something - isn’t too precious to you. Enjoy! :crazy_face:

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I have the magnetic version in my cubicle, it has manged to ruin a singular piece of paper. Don’t know what you’re doing with it, but I suggest staying away from peanut butter and chewing gum.


Yeah. I’m going to guess there are no pre-teens or puppies in your office. But given the absence of said children and pets, I think the fact that you ruined ANYthing just proves my point. :crazy_face: