Creminelli Artisan Salami - 4 Pack

Creminelli Artisan Salami - 4 Pack
$34.99 + $5 shipping
2 Sticks of Tartufo Salami with Black Truffles - 7 oz.
1 Stick of Casalingo Salami - 7 oz.
1 Stick of Creminelli Salami - 7 oz.

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I ordered this the last time. I’ve only tried the truffle, but it was inedible. It tasted like the flavors were good, but it was so salty no one could swallow a bite.

ordered this last time, and was a big hit for snacking while watching playoff games. really fatty, stinky, & salty-- and that’s a good thing! a great thing, even.

Is this unusual to have wine.woot-off still going after the woot-woot-off has ended?

I too tried these the last time. even after reading the manufacturers claim that the “weird” smell is part of the allure of good salami, when I served them (all 3 varieties) at a post holiday party not one person (including myself) could eat a second slice. They had an off smell, one that was referred to as dirty socks, they were fatty, chewy and very salty. We couldn’t differentiate between the three types, either. Now, I did have the Molinari which everyone did enjoy.

Still new to woot, but does the wine woot offer a “bag of c#%p” as well?

Loved them last time. In for 3 more.

no, boc is only offered on the regular woot site.

Where’s all the wine???
Seems like every time i check the site I see “deals” on everything BUT wine. Only ordered once and was able to catch the Ty Caton red deal, and that was WONDERFUL! More wine…less BS. PLEASE…

what i want to know is, where are my pistachios? We just finished the last bunch I ordered from the last woot off.


no problem. what you get here on the wine woot site is really great buys on wines and coworkers who either give you judgmental looks or want to become better friends (someone 21+ has to sign for the wine, it can’t just be left at the door).

I bought a couple of these when they came up during their offer. They’re VERY stinky, you have to be able to get past the stink and chewiness.

After that they taste great, there is definitely a difference in flavor between them. Our favorite is Creminelli.

All that being said, I would certainly buy Molinari before these.

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Someone can correct me if I misspoke :smiley:

For those of concerned of the saltyness of the Salami’s, simply cut your slices thinner for what your pairing with. I know it sounds silly to say this but we thought the same when we had them on an olive, cheese, grapes, and such tray, but when we cut them super thin, the taste worked so well with all the others. And you get more servings to boot! Just a suggestion. Enjoy!

Edit: Oh nevermind, it was not this one that I always wanted :stuck_out_tongue:

in for two - hope they get here by super bowl for the cheese heads that are coming to the party…

I got this as well, and did a sample plate for a party with these and the Molinari offering. The Molinari went over huge, not so much this set. As others have said they were extremely salty, and had a weird chewiness to them that wasn’t terribly pleasant.

they are at Bed Bath and Beyond for cheaper… my experience anyway…