Cuisinart 14-Pc Cookware Sets - 2 Styles

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Cuisinart 14-Pc Cookware Sets - 2 Styles
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Confused on which set is better? Let’s watch hard anodized and stainless steel go head to head

4.6 Stars on the anodized set over at Amazon

I have had a set of the hard anodized cookware for 2+ years and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Non-stick qualities have held up and cookware looks nearly new.
Hard anodized can’t be used with induction burners, but I keep 2 stainless pots to use with a free standing induction burner when feeding a crowd.

We bought a set of the anodized two years ago. Couldn’t be happier with it. It’s durable, heats quickly and evenly, relatively light weight, the lids all fit well. We like it so much better than what we had, we replaced our Emeril and an expensive French set with the Cuisinart, which is now our first-reach, everyday cookware. Cuisinart gets 5 stars,3 cheers and 2 thumbs up from us.

I’ve had a similar Cuisinart stainless set for over 16 years and it still looks great

Is this dishwasher safe?

Features say:

Hard Anodized: Hand wash recommended

Stainless Steel: Brilliant stainless steel comes out of the dishwasher looking like new

Can the stainless set be used on induction cooktops? I know the anodized set specifically says it can not, but the stainless doesn’t specify at all and there are two types of stainless you can buy, and only one of them works with induction cooktops.

I have this set also…

OK…Do not like how the bottom stains with heat over time…(hard annodized)

I like a more expensive set with a stainless/copper bottom in the $250 type range…Anolon or Calpalon has this type…

My preference for better “even” heating, cleaning and appearance…

But again you are pretty much going to pay double…

I have the stainless steel set also…For non non-stick traditional cooking…Very nice…

And yes…I do have 3 sets of cookware total…Does’nt everyone??? LOL!

I have the non stick 3 piece pan set and the 12 piece ss set. I’ve had the non stick for about a year and they still look like new. The ss is going on 3 months of use and really like the design and lids. I did not need the additional ss pans but was more economical to buy as a set. That being said, I could get by with just the ss. Just use medium or medium low when pan frying with the ss. Easy cleanup for both and no problems with quality of either. Both heat evenly and I like the fact that I can put the ss in the oven for warming, etc.

Are the glass lids oven-safe?

Usually the higher quality stainless steel pots and pans are 18/10 grade. I do not see this information in the description so I must assume these are only 18/0 grade.

Pot lids that fit the pans: genius.

I hate sets that don’t include this simple design feature.

I don’t know the grade, but we have the stainless steel set, and we hate it. They look pretty, and they do cook fairly evenly, but they are absolutely awful to clean. Everything sticks to them, even if they are greased up, and food does not come off without hard scrubbing.

We received as a gift and were so excited, and now we hate them.

[QUOTE=escalante, post:14, topic:442583]
Usually the higher quality stainless steel pots and pans are 18/10 grade. I do not see this information in the description so I must assume these are only 18/0 grade.

They say it is 18/10 I am in.

The SS is a little tricky but I prefer it when you consider the stuff you ingest with the other surfaces and the chemistry involved with heating foods simple Is better.

It’s about a $30 saving over which meakes it a decent deal for the stainless set. I never buy non-stick and if you preheat your pans you don’t have sticking issues anyway. I like this wet very much for the price.

Ah…I have 4. Forgot cast iron!