KitchenAid Cookware Set - 2 Styles

Woot! and so ends the fun. Anyways, Lots O Pots.

**Item: **KitchenAid Cookware Set - 2 Styles
Price: $129.99
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Condition: New

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Lots O Pot sounds fun to me!

the handles can get quite hot, fyi (otherwise a nice set, the tulip shape is helpful in pouring)

Lots of good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) on model 82545 over at amazon

Found some reviews on Amazon.

The Stainless Steel set has 4.4 stars and 120 reviews.

The Anodized Steel set has a 4.4 star rating with 44 reviews.

First let’s just say Stainless Steel is the way to go. ( Did you notice that to try to “even” the sets out they offered an extra pot w/ lid of the non-stick? )

Ok. Down to business.
Yes, good reviews at Amazon, as noted by other fine Wootizens. But Amazon does not have the SS set available to be able to compare prices. What to do ?
A little digging perhaps ?
A shopping guide has Amazon’s price for the SS set ( yes same set number, etc… and even the link to it at 'zom ) .
Price they were selling it at ? $152.09.
Here w/ship it is $134. A savings of @12%. Not a jump up and down number, but, of course, Zom is out of stock. And 12% is still 12% .

The next lowest price on the net I could find is $199,including ship, at HomeDepot
Now we’re talking solid savings.

**Best feature of the SS set ?
I like that it has some copper wrapped up in the bottom. Sweet. **

TL;DR : a pretty good deal !

Oh, I’m sorry! The correct answer is CAST IRON.

I dumped my anodized nonstick set when it began to fail. I’ll always go for SS now because it does a better job of browning. For cleaning, once the pan is cool a paste of baking soda and a little splash of water easily cleans the pans. If you don’t care about the Maillard Reaction but you do care about super fast cleaning, then go with the nonstick.

The handles get HOT on these pans. I have several KitchenAid skillets (bought within a short time from each other) . They start out great but over time they stick! Mine have never seen any metal utensils, dishwasher, abrasive scrubbing but they still stick.

I have a similar set to the SS version - mine aren’t tulip shaped, but are also the all-clad copper sandwich deal. These are great pots and pans for the price, and I’ve been very happy with them. I generally use cast iron for searing stuff, so I’m used to always using something to guard the handle, they do get hot. These cook very evenly, don’t buckle, and are a very good deal for the quality.

I’ve had a similar Kitchen Aid nonstick for over 2 years now and love them. super easy to hand wash,
nice and big kettle and high sided open pan is big enough for big dishes like spaghetti.
with that said, I wouldn’t hesitate to try their SS set -especially if you have kids who use metal utensils on the non stick pans -ughh

I’m a big fan of hard anodized cookware. I’m not a fan of exposed rivets in non-stick cookware however. They make pans difficult to clean, especially if you get eggs or something similar stuck to the rivets. With stainless it’s not a big deal, you can soak them (which you really shouldn’t do with non-stick) or take an abrasive pad to them (also something you shouldn’t do with non-stick).

Another vote for stainless steel cookware. I have a set of SS and a set of non-stick hard anodized. 99% of the time I use the SS unless I am cooking something delicate, like eggs. The SS heats more evenly and cools down faster. Plus, it’s not really that hard to clean. I put my SS stuff in the dishwasher, too, and they always come out ok.

What scares me about the non-stick stuff is that the non-stick coating will eventually start to peel off and you will inevitably ingest some of it. You know that’s going to cause cancer at some point :stuck_out_tongue:

Just remember, non-stick is a big NO if you have birds. The fumes from non-stick coating will kill pet birds.

Do the lids for the pots fit on the skillets? I like to make omelettes once in a while and you cannot make a perfect omelette without a lid on the skillet.

I have a different brand of nonstick cookware, and I love it. However, the brand I have has a lifetime warranty - so when a piece starts to peel, and they inevitably do, I can send it back and get a replacement, for my shipping cost to them (the replacement and return shipping to me are included in the warranty).

I think I’ll pick up this set for my mom for Christmas, in stainless steel, which she will prefer.

We’ve owned the stainless set since 2008, and it’s been a great set to have.

One of the best things about the set is that they are pot-rack friendly. You can hook the lids onto the handles, and everything hangs on one hook, so you don’t have to store the handle separately.

Cleaning is easy, we’ve never noticed the pot handles getting particularly hot, and they haven’t discolored or anything.

The only complains I have, and it’s pretty minor, is that the skillets are a little too narrow on the bottom. They’re fine if you’re doing a sauce or something, but if you’re used to working with a traditional cast iron or Revere Ware, it may be a little frustrating.

We did have a slight problem with some pitting on the cooking surface of one of the pans when we got the original shipment. We were able to work with the vendor to get a new pan, so it wasn’t a big deal. We haven’t had cause to use the Kitchen Aid warranty, so can’t provide any help there.

I’ll be happy to check back in to answer any questions if anyone has any.

edit: I have a 5 * review up on Amazon’s page.