Cuisinart Duet Blender/Food Processor – White

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Cuisinart Duet Blender/Food Processor - White
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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My Ninja pulses circles around this thing. At least that’s what the infomercial told me.

Will it blend?

Definitely in for one! Thanks woot. :]

So glad I got it this time! My gf got the same one from overstock in black. I may have to secretly switch with her cuz the black one looks sweet.

Is this macintosh apple blending compatible?

$42.98, new:

I have used my cuisinart blender/food processor for 7 years now and it’s in perfect condition and works like new. We use it a lot too. I don’t believe it is the exact same model as this one, but the picture looks just like mine.

I recommend it to anyone that likes making smoothies and their own pesto or other sauces homemade!

How does this compare to the $475 Vita-Mix 1709 CIA?

Is this a Roomba knock-off?

Will this work on hardwood floors?

If I ever wait out a woot off for blender, then just shoot me.

Can’t I use my new shiny knife instead?

These work really well, but the food processor is extremely loud due to all the reduction gearing in the base.

If I needed a wedding gift If I liked them I would get them a VitaMix. If I barley know them and ran out of things to re-gift this would be perfect.

read the fine print, it’s refurbished

LOL I was watching the Laptop meter to go down, refresh BOOM A FUCKING BLENDER HAS APPEARED. It sorta scared me <3

This reminds me of Frog in a Blender!

Anyone know if the drive on the underside of the blades is metal? Or is it that hard rubber/plastic?

LOUDEST blender you’ll ever own … and the blade spins faster than a politician too!