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Cuisinart Supreme Commercial Quality Ice Cream Maker [Refurbished] - $139.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Cuisinart ICE-50 Supreme Commercial Quality Ice Cream Maker

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I saw this thing at my local electronics wonder store. This bad boy is a commercial level ice cream chiller. This thing will make plenty of the creamy good stuff for your average family. Bonus points for the built in chiller, takes the hassle out of pre-freezing.

I really, really want this.


I have this, and it rocks! It takes about 45 minutes to make a batch of ice cream, and you can make another one right away. I paid $175, and it’s worth every penny.

Aww… No SquareTrade link? I dont mind refurb when SquareTrade has my back…

How quickly does this make ice cream?
Edit: nickrapak, 45 mins per batch, how large of a batch?

I am confused as to what the practical difference is between this and the $50 entry level ice cream maker listed on Cuisinart’s site. Their descriptions are brief, largely the same, and very unhelpful.


Link to Amazon, with 117 reviews.

I’ve had a few very basic ice cream makers – the kind you use ice and salt in the bucket around the ice cream canister – and currently have the Cuisinart model where you freeze the bucket. The basic ones sounded like the the wailing of scores of tormented souls; the frozen-bucket Cuisinart sounds like merely a dozen or maybe 15 tormented souls. How noisy is this unit on the tormented souls scale?

I got one in 2007 from amazon for $129 and it’s pretty nice and has been fun to use. A few minor complaints:

  1. It’s relly noisy. If you’re used to noisy ice cream freezers (like the electric ones that you still have to put ice/salt in) then you won’t be too surprised because it’s about the same noise level.
  2. The capacity is a bit small, so it’s fine for an average family, not so great if you have a bunch of friends over.
  3. It does take quite a while to freeze, especially if you haven’t already chilled the ingredients a bit.
    Other than that the main caveat is to make sure the clear plastic lid is correctly attached to the motor “arm” at the top (there’s a little slot it needs to seat into for everything to fit snugly) and you’re good to go. It’s vastly superior to those stupid ones that have a special bowl you need to chill in the freezer in advance. This can make more than one batch in a row and no ice or pre-frozen bowl needed.

this one has a compressor built in so you can make batch after batch of ice cream. the $50 one has a bowl you have to freeze for 24 hours and can only make one good batch at a time. i have the $50 one and unless you have a big freezer, it’s kind of a pain to have to keep the bowl frozen and you can only make 1.5 quarts at a time, although after making one batch of ice cream it’s cold enough to make a slushy with juice or soda (I got this when I was in high school).

The $50 version is of the “pre-freeze the bowl” variety. You take the gizmo apart somewhat, stick a chunk of it in the freezer, said chunk gets very cold, you put it all back together and throw in your ingredients.

This one has a chilling compressor, so no pre-freeze required. In exchange, several hundred more moving parts to break and significantly more expense.

sez it comes with an instruction booklet…but what about a recipe booklet? Having had a predecessor model of this 20 years ago, I know how important recipes are to get you started…then improvise and add all kinds of goodies.

Note: product websiter refers to the instruction booklet as an instruction/recipe booklet so we’ll all be ok. And there’s the internet to turn to as well.

Review at viewpoints - it’s the cat’s meow!

Yikes – so it’s significantly noisier than its little frozen-bucket brother. The noise is my biggest complaint, so I’ll stick with the inconvenience of freezing the bucket overnight. Thanks!

View it at YouTube

The cheap one requires that you pre-freeze the mixing bowl in your freezer for a day. You can then make one batch of ice cream which gets chilled because the bowl is cold. Once the batch it done, the bowl will no longer be sufficiently cold, so you would have to clean and re-freeze before another batch. The one sold here is electronically chilled, so no pre-freezing. Just add ingredients and go.

With that said, I own the $50 unit, and it’s excellent for what it is. The one sold here is in a completely different class.