Das Keyboard 4 Professional & Ultimate

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Das Keyboard 4 Professional & Ultimate
Price: $119.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Unknown (Friday, Feb 20 to Wednesday, Feb 25) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Dasssss Keyboard - I bought a Das keyboard and it worked great for about 6-months and then the sssss kept repeating. I contacted the company and was told to pull the S key and clean it along with the surrounding keys which I did and it didn’t fix the issue. I contacted the company again and was basically told that I had to pull every key and clean the entire keyboard in order to get it to work properly. I unplugged it for my USB and I have not gone back to it since.

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In before all the naysayers!

Seriously, if I didn’t already have a decent mechanical keyboard, this would the dealio for me. To paraphrase Gary Gilmore, you should pull the trigger and “[just] do it!”

I’ve wanted one of these for a loooooong time. Alas- I’ve spent too much and can’t pull the trigger today. Next time, maybe.

Brown blanks. Want. If its there in the AM, so am I.

Please don’t be there. I have like 6 mechanical KBS.

Blues are clackity and loud. Browns are softer and have more of a clunk…if you will. Both are with winners and are sure to piss off your neighbors. Can’t go wrong either way.

I recently got the standard red das keyboard and I love it. The red is more of a linear feedback, in the sense that there isnt a “click” but rather the keys just have constant pressure until they hit the floor. It is far superior to any keyboard I’ve ever owned and it a pleasure to type on. It is very solid and well built. I would highly recommend this if you want a good mechanical keyboard.

Once you go mechanical, you won’t go back. I have blue, brown, and red switch keyboards and adore them all.

That said, these were just up on Woot a couple of weeks ago, brand new, for $130. They then had a Woot Plus deal for refurbished ones for $120, and now here they are again for $120. I suspect Woot didn’t get the interest they were hoping for when they resold all the keyboards that got returned and “refurbed”, and we get to bite again at the same price.

I’ve had enough troubles with Woot refurb products that I wouldn’t plunk down this much money for something that gets such heavy use, especially when you can get other mechanicals brand new for $20-30 less. Maybe if Woot dropped the cost another $20-30 to bring it in line with what I’d expect to see a refurbished mechanical keyboard selling for, I’d be more inclined to bite.

Heh, nice but wrong. See, the thing is that they sell out just about every time we sell them so we brought them back. These aren’t returns from Woot customers.

These are factory reconditioned with a 90-day Das warranty.

Fun way to start the morning though.

Das Keyboard has been sending out some 4Cs with Greetech switches instead of Cherry ones. Might want to pull a key when you get a unit to check.

[MOD: That’s a different keyboard entirely.]

bought my first mechanical of the das 4 pro last time it was here. Not impressed for the price. After a few days of use the keys are already starting to wear off. It is a nice keyboard, but I personally prefer an ergo even when paying games.

For this much money, the Pro is backlit keys, right?

I have two Model S ultimate keyboards (brown) for work (two offices) and one of these 4 Ultimate on order new from Das Keyboard for home (Blue)… Like others have said, once you go mechanical you will never want to go back.

This is the one device on your computer you will interact with the most, other than the screen - It is worth spending a few dollars on it.

I have typed on the brown and blue switch keyboards, I definitely prefer the blue switches for typing but use brown at work so I don’t annoy everyone quite as much (still louder than the dell keyboards most of them use).

Got one of these here last time - the poser edition (blank keycaps), which is a slight adjustment even though i can touch-type without looking 99.9% of the time. It’s replacing a very-old, non-mech, but nice-n-wide ergo (fully split) keyboard, which had elevating feet under the front edge (for a more natural wrist position), and these are what i miss the most. If DAS ever takes the plunge and makes a nice full-split keyboard i think i might have to pick up a second for my desk and use this one as a portable.

But I’ll stop griping - this thing is beautifully built, nice solid black with subtle red accents. The USB3 hub is great and makes my USB3 memory card reader that much easier to deal with. The volume knob is a savior at times, esp since i’m currently using built-in speakers with no volume control of their own. It feels solid and i’m getting used to the feel of the clicky keys.

NOPE! That’s why I won’t get any of DAS. I have to have backlit or GTFO.

Would love to have a keyboard just like an IBM Selectric. Actually have one in my office and use from time to time for specialized documents that must be typed old school. Have Logitech G710+ with MX Brown at home. OK but not close.

Anyone out there with recent experience with Das Keyboard or other comparable mechanical keyboard and an actual Selectric? Comments/advice appreciated.

Why do you need lights in your keyboard?

To avoid being able to touch-type in total darkness, of course!