Dell 5650 6 Piece 5.1 100 watt Speaker set


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Dell 5650 6 Piece 5.1 100 watt Speaker set
Bass: how low can you go?
$29.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling
In elementary school, our favorite song for a whole year was the theme to “Pitfall 2.” Can you imagine how awesome that would be in surround sound? Like bizarro John Lennon said, stop imagining. Plug into this six-piece stereo set from Dell, and plunge into the middle of any game. And when you’re done hopping over scorpions or whatever, you can enjoy that terrible music you like in dual-stereo. Yes, with the right speakers, your computer-simulated experiences are far more exciting than those in your meaningless “real life.” Cling tight to these speakers, and stay indoors.

The Dell 5650 speaker set is an excellent all-around system, ideal for music lovers, cinephiles, gamers, porn addicts or frequent visitors to It’s also a perennial woot favorite. If you took the time to read this entire description, never mind. They’re probably sold out already.

Features: Clear surround sound, multi-channel listening

100 Watts of Total Continuous Power (RMS) – Designed to thrust you into the Gaming and Movie experience!

Performance Drivers – Smoothly deliver a full spectrum of pure, distinct sound.

Distinctive, All-Decor Styling – Looks smart in any room of your home

Features four Satellites, one 5.25” Subwoofer and Center Channel

Your custom event sounds were never so hilariously lifelike

Color-coded cables make for easy setup if you are not color blind

Flat panel attachment compatibility

Satellites: 2.5×2.5×9

Center: 13×2.5×2

Subwoofer: 5×8×9.5

Dude, you’re getting Dell speakers

Condition: New OEM, repacked in brown box


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[size=18:5788983323]I call for a Woot off X-mas Eve!

What’do-ya Say!?

Man - Too late for christmas. Could have used them a few days ago.
I’m sure they’ll return like most of the favorites (r/c F1’s, B’s O C’s, and these speakers)[/size:5788983323]


i’ve been waiting to get some decent 5.1 speakers to replace my aging 2.1 altec lansings from '98 and i missed these last time. i’m glad woot brought them back again. now bring back the mp3 player medallion and make it cheaper :wink: i hope i’m not disappointed.



[size=18:13c3c82b9c]Sold Out Already???[/size:13c3c82b9c]


WOOT! :smiley:




RingToss you dawg… nice speakers woot.


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whatever happened to the more ram in box guy?




More speakers?


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These speakers suck…I don’t know why they keep selling them, or why you morons keep buying them…it’s 100 watts over all 6 speakers!!! you idiots should be looking for 100 watts per speaker…i guess its a good gift for that stupidass cousin…

Ares for MVP!!!

here’s my second shot at it…