Dell Latitude 14.1" Intel Core i5 Laptop

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Dell Latitude 14.1" Intel Core i5 Laptop
Price: $249.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Tuesday, May 19 to Friday, May 22) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Time to learn all about the processor

CPU Benchmarks

Nothing wrong with this model, which is about 4 years old. It will hold its own with anything “new” at the same price or a bit higher, and it is constructed much better for serious business use. It’s a 2nd gen mobile i5 which still blows away the lesser processors in new cheap machines, meaning new machines around $249-$349. And this has a fresh Windows 7 Pro!!! This machine originally sold for up to around $1000.

But if you prefer HP, many places are selling the equivalent, refurbished,

HP Elitebook 8460P

at around the same price. Just search for that model.

Oh the earlier posts from other woot sales make some comments on the battery. With a refurb unit, with this one or the other I mentioned, you may get a good battery or a poor (worn out) one. Or most likely one that’s in-between - usable but could be better. Just look on ebay for a $30 new battery. Those new China batteries may be cheap but they are 95% as good as a $85 “name brand” battery. Speaking from lots of experience about those ebay batteries for various models. Never had a bad one, always worth the price. Just find any seller that has 90,000+ positive ratings there, because most of the battery sellers there do. Avoid any that have 100 ratings or less.

Just search “E6420 battery” for this Dell or “8460P battery” for the HP.

I have been using this laptop for about 4 years now with ZERO issues. The company I work for deploys these to all of the employes which is a few hundred to over a 1,000. Its rock solid.

(I was upgraded to the E6430 about 5 weeks ago)

I use to sell for Dell business sales and sold a lot of Latitudes. One of the most durable notebook computers ever! I also used them when I was a combat communicator in the Air Force. They were abused in the desert and kept on working! The Dell Latitude computers are tough. That’s why I took advantage of this deal and bought one! Well worth the money!

Is the memory limited to 4 GB DDR or can it be increased?

I ordered this laptop a month ago from a previous woot! All I asked of it was that it played Minecraft and YouTube well enough to satisfy my 5 and 8 year olds and it has exceeded those goals. The only “issue” I’ve had with it being a refurb is a little rubber foot on the bottom fell off, so I re-glued it on.

This model has two slots only and this version will come with 2 2GB memory boards (or sticks) to make the 4GB - you can replace one or both with 4GB boards up to a total of 8GB. If you do it, you should replace both and go to 8GB. 8GB is the max for this machine.

If you replace only one to make 6GB there will be a small hit in performance, because this like all PCs operates better with “even” memory amounts. The small hit in performance would pretty much cancel out the advantage of having 6GB instead of 4GB.

8 GB is the official max of the machine. I bought one of these last month and upgraded to 16 GB (and an SSD). It flies.



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Latitude E6420 Product Support

Latitude E6420 Service Manual

Wanted to make everyone aware the warranty company has an ‘F’ with the Better Business Bureau. They have not addressed any of the complaints made through them.

To be fair, that is only out of 3 ratings in 3 years, so not really much of a benchmark to rely on. That and the fact that the BBB is a joke anyway and has plenty of F businesses with A ratings as long as they pay their extortion fees.

Most refurb companies are fairly shady anyway, so putting much faith into any warranty on them is kind of foolhardy.

We have a lot of these at work.
4GB RAM, i5, add an SSD,… I have put most of ours back into circulation for another few years for most of our users.

My only addition would be adding an SSD as being an absolute must.

These are nice, solid machines that will still last many years to come. Latitudes are built rock solid tough, especially this series.

excellent price, they rarely go for this low, even on Dell’s Auction Site.

I purchased one of these from Woot about a month ago. It was advertised as having a 250gb HDD, but only came with 120GB. Although it was an SSD, it constantly had issues reading the drive. I replaced it with a 500GB HDD and installed Win 8.1, it flys now.

I am reading your comments thinking that you would have the best recommendation for what exact memory to buy to upgrade to 8GB RAM (or 16?!). Could you help direct me? I have purchased the laptop and want to max the RAM. Thanks! Any other helpful suggestions appreciated. In case you haven’t already noticed, I am basically computer illiterate.