Derby #29: Trompe L'Oeil

This week’s Derby Cyberpub. If we’re not here, check over there. All are welcome.

Ah…this could be a hard one!!! Good luck to the current derby foggers! See you all tomorrow at noon!

How to make a shirt that looks like it won the derby already… hmmmmmmm.

Wow…this is going to produce some fantastic work. I’m excited already!

Wow… this could produce some fantastically awful work from me! I’m excited already!

I’m hoping the muse visits me tonight…

Cool! I’ve made a design like this already- now to see if it’s any good. ;^)

I love doing hyperrealistic designs using 6 or less colors and no halftones!!!

This one may trip me up… I’m going to print off the description and mull it over at lunch.

…wait… are we still restricted to the same print area as normal? and to ONLY one side of the shirt?

If so, then I just realized I have to kill about half my ideas…

How close can we get to printing around the neckline of the shirt?

ahhh yes … this will truly bring out some interesting and creative designs.

…wow! O_O



This should be fun… now that I think about it =3

Exactly. Ok, raise your hands if you thought about putting wings on the BACK of the shirt just now? Yeah, me too… bat wings. Woohoo!

We’re going to see a lot of terminator ripoffs for sure…

I call “LiveTracing lips!” Hee hee!

Sweet! I have a design like this already too. Bonus!

Hmm im not really sure about this. Can some one post an example of this kind of style?

edit nvm I get it now. :slight_smile:

I was going to do dragon wings…kind of like (but not looking like because I’m too selfish to share) the tattoo I want… T_T

I wonder how many wing designs there will be… :frowning: No fair.

EDIT: However, this will give me the opportunity to show off my tattoo shirt in the Cyberpub later in the derby.

Hmm… I have a few ideas, but this is really going to challenge my undeveloped talents. This one’s for the pros.