Derby #13: Halloween



I stayed up till 3am for this? Um. Awesome?

Please give me your thoughts. Shall I bother to colour neatly? Is it clear he’s yawning? Do monsters wear pants? Will I ever stop sucking so badly? I need to go to bed. It’s nighttime in Australia.


The rough coloring is good. No need for pants… I think the shirt is weird though.


I think the stripes on the shirt probably need to have that same sketchy feel as the rest of the piece. That’ll probably make the shirt look a little more like it belongs.


no stipulations woo woo! well I’m going to aim for a shirt you can wear year-round.


So, woot overlords, any chance of free speedy shipping for this week of Halloween goodness? I just know smart post would get me my Halloween shirts just in time for Thanksgiving.


How about forced +$5 shipping, all shirts are 15$ this week woo woo!!!


i like the concept & the execution. what a great opportunity to do a t-shirt within a t-shirt.

i’m thinking you’re not sold on the yawning. try opening the mouth more, tilting the head back and making the eyes squinty instead of shut.



You should have a small childs hand coming out of it’s mouth/bag


My final shameless plug in a more relevant forum…

I’ve made a new Puffaluff shirt specifically for Halloween. I’ve decided to try and sell it via my puffaluff web site instead of annoying everyone here with more puffaluff entries.

Click the image above or click here to order the shirt. Thanks!




You might also do one with just a lone ranger type mask… or maybe add a voice bubble (like the ones on the blog) saying “trick or cheese”.

#13 I got my shirts ready.


WOW, i thought he was crying because he was trick or treating and everyone was making fun of his costume.


I have a conservative 5 ideas for this derby - there’s a few more that I don’t know if I’ll be able to complete in time, but we’ll see… It should be a fun one.


Hey jack, wheres that link to your newest shirt template again?


I’m going to be really nice this time.


Please tell me they used their 60 day policy to “commission” some of Pen’s old designs!


I’m looking forward to it. I was actually surprised and pleased at your civility toward Jack near the end last time on the gradient issue. My one request is that you please shrink your sig pix. Thanks.


I’m still just hoping to receive my Zombie Season shirts in time for Halloween…no sign of those shipping yet though, so it probably won’t happen. :frowning: