Shirt Derby: Friday, August 10, 2007

The Derby is open for voting! To submit your own design, go to the submission page. For more details about the Derby, see our FAQ. Also, make sure you check out the rule changes as elucidated in this blog post, including this new ironclad law: no Woot shirts.

Derby #3: Superheroes

Criminal masterminds! Rampaging monsters! Artistic plagiarists! This sounds like a job! This week, design an original shirt with a superhero theme. You can make up a logo and put it on a replica of your hero's costume, Underoos-style. You can depict a humorous, poignant, or striking moment in the life of a superhero. You can create an abstract image with superheroic elements. Whatever you do, do not use images or elements of existing, copyrighted superheroes. We will not hesitate to lower the deletion hammer on any entry that even thinks about violating copyright, no matter how many votes it's gotten, no matter how late in the process we notice it. (Of course, this doesn't apply to Marvel and DC's frivolous, legally questionable copyright of the term "superhero" itself.) Now up, up, and design!


Only users who have made at least one purchase at any Woot site may vote in the Derby. If that’s you, just click “I’d Want One” next to any designs that catch your fancy. You can vote for as many different designs as you like, but only once per design. If you don’t see the “I’d Want One” buttons next to the designs, you’re either not logged in, or you’ve never bought anything from Woot. Go log in and/or buy something if you want to vote.

Derby Schedule

Friday at noon: Derby theme is announced, Derby opens for submissions and voting

	following Wednesday at noon: submissions close
	following Thursday at noon: voting closes, winner announced
	following Friday at 12:00:01 AM: winning design for sale on Shirt.Woot


edit: sorry, i watch that craptastic show “Who want’s to be a super hero.”

Sweet! Everyone loves superheroes.

This one could be fun!

I’m thinking we’re going to have a good winner here.

Here’s my entry! What do you think?

I used a lot of my artist inspiration to do it. Also I was inspired by last weeks winner!

No rulz changes from last derby?? Anything? Voting changes? modifications?


I’m ashamed to admit it, but I watch that crappy show too–it’s so stupid that I actually find it funny.

If we all work together, we’ll make another tie!

Dang, if Miyazaki hadn’t already copyrighted my sig, I woulda!

Forgive me, but what’s the story behind the pucker?

There was a tie last derby, thus 2 shirts for 10$

So that’s why the pucker face is being submitted at all, let alone in both last derby and this one? Sorry, I’m aware of the going-ons of the last derby, but not the story behind this submission.

Hi everyone!
Please vote for my entry BANANA BOY

I know it’s difficult to see on such a small image but the sleeve says ‘Banana Boy’.

It was in the first derby too. Someone apparently really likes that face, I guess.

Should be an interesting competition. Already two of the submissions would have to be disqualified. One is the Shazam logo, the other using elements of the Superman logo. I’m curious to see how Woot is going to handle alleged copyright stuff this time. Good luck to all the submitters!

MOGZ! Exclamation is ripped directly from Superman!! Stealer!!