Derby #57 Cyberpub: Sing me a song

I’m making a gummy bear design. :slight_smile:

sounds awesome =)

does it have to be a muffin? could it be a cupcake?

i would allow muffins but the joelinator may have other ideas.

I’m evil…I like to torture gummy bears. >: )


yea the idea kinda needed a muffin over a cupcake but i got other ideas i’ll just throw that one out so i don’t run into problems. thanks though =)

haha that makes me think it would be funny to do a gummy bear lemmings type design

I cannot haz the watch…YouTube iz bloked @ wurk.

Hopefully I’ll remember to watch it tonight. :wink:

Peeps wars.

Lemmings has been done. The purists would throw fifteen different kinds of fits.

Oh! and this hasn’t been printed:

but you might want to make sure you do something different enough, just in case it would matter. :slight_smile:

I mean, it’s fair to say that something like a double-chocolate chip from Otis Spunkenmeyer offers no nutritional value whatsoever and shouldn’t be classified as anything but junk food. But is it dessert? I just don’t know if I can file it there.

Chocolate chip cookies may not have nutritional value, but they have intrinsic value because they make people happy. :slight_smile:

Hi folks. Dessert, eh?

Yes, and I brought you a cheese house (further up). :slight_smile:

i think “mrsjamescho” should enter a pic of jamescho.

Maybe. But no, no. Because the wangness has nothing to do with it, ultimately.
It just seems like everything weird in the world either happens in Florida or Germany. Sometimes Austria.

Yum… gummy bears

Dammit. I really want to do that.

no1, are you going to submit an entry for this derby?